WëŁCøMe Tø Å SHiMMeR Øf RëaŁiT¥

Two of the greatest challenges, and yet so simple, are being your genuine self and thinking freely within a world that’s constantly trying to make you think and be like everyone else.

Don’t be part of the mindless herd in this human farm they’ve created.

Do not succumb to the fear produced by the corporate-owned media. Never let fear run your life.

Don’t feel obligated to be politically correct.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and think for yourself.

They’ve deceived all of us into believing in a false nature of reality—a prison of the mind, if you will—and keep us within it using various distractions (internal/external conflicts and dramas, technology, jobs, materialism, social hierarchy, etc.).

They’ve taken your world away in order to control you with rules that adhere to their (im)moral standards.

Disobey and take it back.

There is Actually Nothing ‘Real’ about What we perceive as Reality

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The information presented in the Blogs section will shock and disturb those who have never heard or even considered such ideas. If you’ve never ventured down the rabbit hole, many things will seem outrageous and horrific. Yet, all of it is backed up by sufficient evidence, and can be observed if you pay close enough attention. By no means are they meant to convince you to believe any of it. Rather, they are meant to stir a curiosity within you to research and discover the truth for yourself—while also scattered with the author’s commentary and personal opinions. Reader discretion is advised.

Forget everything you’ve been taught or have been convinced—by yourself and others—to believe. Forget all laws, rules, and commandments. Question everything in your life. You will see almost everything around you is actually not quite what it appears to be—nothing is genuine. What most people don’t know is that scientists consider everything still as theory. For example, many species that have been considered to be extinct continue to be discovered alive and well today. The same goes for everything you’ve been told as “fact.” Science doesn’t seem to be as reliable as we thought. Science is an art; yet, in our society, it has the ultimate say in everythingexcept when it comes to the dogmatic religions that many still cling to like security blankets. Yet, there’s another ruling force, the puppet master that owns and controls science, the infrastructures of all three main religions, corporations, the media, banking institutions, education, political parties, and more. In this compartmentalized pyramid system of control, we the people are the foundation at the very bottom; whereas, at the top is the group of narcissistic psychopaths that make up the technocratic ruling elite. Yet, even these individuals are under the control of something else—something inter-dimensional and not too fond of humanity.

At this point, in today’s world, if you can’t see what is being implemented under the disguise of a V1Ru$, it is high time to wake the fuck up! Especially those who claim to be left-wing liberals, who are nothing more than America’s blind altars, repeating whatever they’ve heard through friends and the mainstream media—no matter how contradicting or hypocritical—without giving any thought to what they hear.

Today [a] new world is struggling to be born, a world quite different from the one we’ve known. A world where the rule of law supplants the rule of the jungle. A world in which nations recognize the shared responsibility for freedom and justice. A world where the strong respect the rights of the weak. This is the vision that I shared with President Gorbachev in Helsinki. He and other leaders from Europe, the Gulf, and around the world understand that how we manage this crisis today could shape the future for generations to come.”

This excerpt is from George H.W. Bush’s speech before a joint session of Congress on Sept. 11, 1990, in which he describes his vision of a new world order amid the Persian Gulf crisis. What you may not know is that when he speaks of “the strong” respecting “the weak,” he is confessing to the world that we, the people, are the strong, while those in support of this new world order are the weak minority.

The number of people enforcing the will of the tyrannical elite is incredibly tiny compared to the number of people this new world order is being set upon. There is no need for protesting, which has never gotten anything done, and never will. Rather, we must cease to cooperate and no longer accept without question what the state and its controlling elite tell us to believe. What they want is total control of human perception, which they damn-near already have, so we must take it back.

“By now it’s obvious, though not to a lot, that authorities, whether political, administrative, corporate, scientific, academic, media or part of the entertainment industry, mislead us all the time either by being misled themselves or through outright lies. And not with little lies, but enormous distortions of the truth and reality. The safest way to filter through the bullshit narratives they feed us is to believe none of it until it is proven worthy of acceptance.

“In any event, always ask the question, ‘Who benefits from me believing what they’re telling me?’ Words don’t change the world; only outcomes do. The outcome will always tell you who is behind events that lead to or justify that outcome. For example, instead of believing that ‘doctors’ and the pharmaceutical industry knows what’s best for you and your children, do your own research into vaccines, drugs, and deadly cancer treatments.”

—David Icke

The mind is like the hard drive of a computer, and society has jammed our’s full of nonsense and viruses. If you’ve ever had work done on your computer, you know that most of the time it is cheaper to just get a new one, rather than try to repair it. That’s what we need: A new hard drive with a fresh, clean slate; though not one bought from a company (Yes, unfortunately this needed to be said). This needs to be done in order for it to be loaded with the truth without any old programmed beliefs left to influence the new information. Open your mind to the possibility that anything can happen if given enough thought. Be honest to everyone and yourself. Radiate love and compassion wherever you are.

Skeptical? All you have to do is pay attention to what’s happening in the world today—as hard as that may be for many. By no means am I attempting to convert or push my own beliefs onto anyone else. Even though each post here is backed up with sufficient evidence, take everything with a grain of salt, until you discover these things for yourself. If you disagree with anything, do your own research and prove me wrong. There are some disturbing things mentioned here that I hope to be nothing more than utter bullshit. I’m still waiting, unfortunately.

Earth, as well as the universe, are both in fact alive and conscious. There is a purpose to each and every conscious being on Earth that exceeds the comprehension of many individuals. We are also not alone here on Earth. Nor, do we only have one life to live. There is undeniable scientific proof that we reincarnate again and again. We also keep moving through the same lessons in our history as they repeat in incredibly precise patterns. These wars and atrocities need not continue, however—they will persist only if we keep creating them, in our ignorance of the greater reality that surrounds us. The truth does not require any religion to appreciate; however, we may discover that the ancient spiritual traditions hold far more wisdom than most modern scientists have ever believed. Synchronicity gives us an invitation to explore this greater reality. Synchronicity is the key that unlocks the doors to the mysteries of the universe. Synchronicity appears on an industrial-scale of measurable form in the cycles of history—events that keep repeating, very precisely, in units of time that can be thousands of years in length.

Live to better yourself in a compassionate and selfless way, centered around bettering yourself and helping others. Do this, and the Universe will take care of you.

As you read this, humans—especially yourself since you’ve taken interest and read this entire page—are going through a transformation. Some quicker than others. Everyone has their own time programmed in themselves where they will wake up and understand. This isn’t some “Heaven’s Gate” new age cult, either. Everything has been extensively researched and is backed up with sufficient evidence—whether it be astronomical, biological, metaphysical, paranormal, psychological, etc. You haven’t and will not hear about these revelations and headline-making discoveries in any mainstream news due to the elite few who own them and everything else. We have to thank those much respected, independent, non-mainstream (non-corporate-controlled) scientists that we rely on for the truth. The point is, science and spirituality are finally coming together, which is one part of this major transformation. All of us decided pre-birth to be here in order to experience this incredible shift in consciousness. We are all alive on Earth right now at a very exciting time!

If you are one who seems to have trouble grasping these truths, you would only do a disservice to yourself if you act on the desire of ridiculing them. Not only by the universal law of karma, but by an intelligent retort on how you would better serve humanity and all lifeforms on Earth by jumping off a nearby bridge and reincarnating into a species of lower intelligence or as a new, improved self-informed human. Hopefully, it will close that door, and open up a whole new universe of thinking.

Wake up humanity! There are too many still living with their eyes closed.