Earth, Human-Free

     Before reading, take caution. You may not be ready to understand what you’re about to read. If you think it’s crazy or have nothing good to say, that’s fine. The time will come when you start to open your mind and awaken your soul.

This is an interesting theory based on many, many accounts of past life regression therapy. Dolores Cannon was quite shocked when she started hearing the same story over and over again from random people with no relations at all.

Please go into this with an open-mind and open-heart. Clear your mind of everything you have been taught and told by parents, teachers, corporations, governments, and institutions.

     It may sound like a cheesy, space-fantasy story, or a hypocritical cult created by a science-fiction author, but our world, our planet, is on the verge of catastrophe. It’s been headed down a dark road ever since after the discovery of atomic power. Since we, humans, have a tendency to use things and ideas—meant to help speed our evolution—given to us by higher beings for selfish reasons, such as warfare, the atomic energy that could’ve been better understood and used for many things we need, was used to make a colossal weapon—the atom bomb. 

     Once the higher beings that created us (from mainly ape genetics plus many other cells and genes from all over the universe) saw what we had created and the damage it could do—Hiroshima—our planet was placed on Red Alert. There was not to be any interference with the development of the human race, since we were given free-will, but our creators did not want to see us destroy what they had originally created to be a “perfect planet.”

      The universe has been around longer than we think. There are many,’many other lifeforms in it. Most of them are of a higher intelligence than we humans, who are considered to still be quite primitive. These extra-terrestrials have jobs much like us. One job is to find planets that are capable of sustaining life. 

       When they came across our planet, there was nothing but volcanoes and ash. To see if a planet can bring about life, what we would call “seeds” are planted into the ground, this is called “seeding.” The ET’s then leave and then comeback to check on it. Since each planet consists of different elements, different single-cell organisms are produced, which then build into multi-celled organisms, eventually growing the first plant. Such was the case for Earth. 

      Most of the time, when the beings come back to check on possible development, they come back to nothing, or dead cells, it is a celebratory moment for them when they find a planet like ours. 

      The beings would help care for and develop the planet by forming oceans and helping plant-life thrive to cleanse the air, making it able to sustain animal life. Once the planet was ready, they started to create an intelligent being to live in the paradise they made—the human being. 

      First, they needed a brain that was big enough to hold the amount of intelligence greater than any other species on Earth. The ape’s brain was chosen, as well as its genetics so we may use tools. This, however, does not mean we have evolved from apes. We will never find the missing link, simply because it does not exist. Yes, we share 98% of our genetics with the ape, but we are also made up of many other various cells and genes from all over the universe. 

      The universe is run by a Council that is neither appointed nor chosen. It is voluntary. They have set rules and regulations for creating life, such as, if a planet is given free will, they cannot be influenced (unless they’re live among us). There are beings on other planets living without free will.

       They had created the perfect being and their perfect paradise planet. That is, until a meteorite crashed into it, bringing with it disease and otherworldly matter. This fucked everything up. But, after a meeting with the Council, it was decided that Earth was to be spared. The Earth Experiment would continue.