The Hidden Truth

This is an interesting theory based on many, many accounts of past life regression therapy. Dolores Cannon was quite shocked when she started hearing the same story over and over again from random people with no relations at all.

Throughout history, there have been many vastly different civilizations in the world. However, each one has their own legends of beings who came bearing the knowledge and tools to help develop what would be their culture. These are stories of beings who came and lived among the people and taught them the basic skills they would need to survive and develop.

For instance, the Native Americans had their specific “corn woman” who taught them how and when to plant. Other beings would soon come along teaching how to hunt and to make and use fire. And in every one of these worldwide legends, the bringers of culture came from the sky or across the sea. Because these beings possessed knowledge and could live as long as they wanted, they were treated as gods by the people.

Today, they’re known as extra-terrestrials, or ETs.

It’s known as the Ancient Alien theory, but to many, it’s not just a possibility, it is reality. It’s the foundation for our way of life.

Based on sessions of hypnosis regression, these ETs built machines that were able to harness the energy of the sun, moon and stars. The original structures that were built to calculate time, were built by extraterrestrials and not the primitive humans living there at the time. These structures were built to calculate the passing of the seasons so the developing species would know when to plant and harvest.

During this time, the knowledge of the mind and how to use it to create and levitate stone etc. was perfected in some highly advanced civilizations, such as Atlantis—a city mostly made of crystal that found its demise with inhumanly use of Dark Matter (much like our use of atomic energy). After the destruction of Atlantis, that knowledge was then carried to Egypt and other places by survivors. The ET’s were still living among them and sharing advance knowledge during the time of Atlantis.

It began with the basic tracking of the seasons, and later developed into the more sophisticated system of astronomy. This being done in order for the ET’s to keep track of their own home planet and its position. The structures could also be seen from space and served as markers for spaceships orbiting the planet to locate their brothers working down below.

Thus began the ancient Egypt story of Isis, a goddess figure and first daughter of Geb, god of the earth, and Nut, goddess of the sky. Isis would marry her brother, Osiris, and have a son, Horus, who would become Pharaoh. This was most likely the beginnings of intermarriage, to keep the bloodline pure.

Is this the same bloodline talked about in conspiracies surrounding the New World Order? The same one that reveals President Obama to be the 8th cousin to Dick Cheney, and 10th cousin to George W. Bush?