Feel Your Chakras

To get in touch with your energy, hold your hands about one-inch apart, palms facing each other. Get familiar with the warmth and energy exchange between your hands, our hands contain minor chakras. Separate your hands slightly, “stretching-out” the energy between your palms. Then bring them closer together again, condensing your energy. Repeat this a few times, playing with the energy between the palms of your hands. If your hands are in front of a white, black, patternless background, you will be able to see the energy in between your palms.

This can also be done with you fingers:

When you look at a fire or flame, above it, you can see the invisible heat waves in a smoke-like pattern. This is what you will see between your palms, if you concentrate.

(*At bottom of page is a trick to help see this as well as people’s auras.)

Don’t worry if you don’t seem to feel anything at first. Relax, clear your mind, and continue the practice, remaining open and in-tune with yourself.

As you become more familiar with your energy, you will not only be able to notice the warmth of your hands—which will increase, even when your hands are further apart—but also a slight energy charge between them. With time and patience, you’ll be able to feel this charge more strongly, even when you separate your hands farther apart.

You can feel your major chakras, as well. For instance, to feel your heart chakra, place both hands at the center of your chest. Take a slow steady breath through your nose. Feel the warmth and inner glow underneath your hands. You’re not only feeling your heart beat, or the coursing of your blood, but also the sensation of your heart chakra expanding.

If you feel it, congratulations! You are now getting in touch with your chakras. If you don’t feel anything yet, don’t worry, with time and practice your sensitivity will increase. Try it out at a time before you’ve had any caffeine and are in an all-natural state, or as natural as you can be, and not when hungover, either. Of course, this will all come much clearer when sober, and Yes that includes smoking weed.

Marijuana is still a mind-altering substance that will block your body’s energy flow. Do not think that since celebrities, such as Chelsea Handler, claim they meditate while high, are correct. In fact, you cannot truly experience a genuine meditation while stoned. Yes, it can be relaxing, but in all actuality, you’d merely be sitting there, pretending to meditate.

When we get in touch with the energy within our chakras, we connect with ourselves and all living things—humans, plants, animals, trees, and even the Earth—more fully, and are able to learn how to heal ourselves on all levels, creating true holistic healing. This is why mindfulness-based practices like meditation help connect the mind with body and spirit, why certain physical activities can help clear your head and feel more centered, and why cultivating your spirit heals your mind and body.

It is all connected.

*Even while using both our eyes to see, most people have a dominant eye. To determine which eye is dominant, hold out a finger sticking straight up about a foot away from your face. Keep one eye closed while looking at your finger, then open both eyes. Do that with the other eye closed. If you see your finger has moved to the left or right in a particular eye, that is your less dominant eye. So you are dominant in the eye where your finger does not move. The trick to seeing energy and auras is to practice making both eyes dominant. I’ve found one thing that has helped me: if you remember those hidden pictures from the 90s, where you stare into a colored pattern for awhile and eventually you’ll see a 3D image. If you get good at this, it will help tremendously. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, google “hidden images.”

If you can see this, it’s true… 🙂

This trick is a little harder: the goal will be to improve the communication between the left and right brain hemispheres, increasing your natural ability to see auras. Place this picture, like the other, about 1-2 ft in front of you. Overlook the circle, you should see a total of 3 or 4 circles become visible, now adjust your vision to overlap the circles. What you should see is one circle with what appears to have a cross in the center. Once this appears, you will know that your two brain hemispheres are communicating. Initially, the cross will be unstable, you may see the horizontal line better than the vertical line or vice versa. Adjust the distance as needed to obtain maintaining a balanced cross. One line in the cross will usually appear “in front” of the other. This means, one of your brain hemispheres is more dominant. Try and focus on getting the “hidden” line in front as much as possible. The final goal is to achieve and maintain a completely balanced cross. What you will notice is improved concentration, awareness, and sensitivity. Bright backgrounds will become pink or dark purple in color.

Below is the end goal of what you’re going to see:

It took me some time to get this one. Keep at it!

Thanks for reading and making a difference!