RaëL Talk

A few years ago, our nation’s government finally declared that we are not alone in the universe. To many, this was a big deal. Some still don’t believe it. For the majority, or everyone else, we invariably shared the same response… “No shit.” Every other country had already declared this, so it’s about time we caught up with the rest of the world.

The majority of people who believe there are higher intelligent beings out there yet still are skeptic about abductions, still debate whether or not our first contact will be friendly or hostile. However, what many haven’t realized about first contact is…

… it’s already been made. And we still keep making first contact today.

But how can we make more than one first contact?

I’ll tell you this… there are reported to be around 60 different types of intelligent beings from all across the universe living among us, who also call Earth “home.” But that’s for another blog.

I want to get into why there aren’t more beings and why they haven’t exterminates us yet. Not only are we, humans, destroying our environment, but scientists who continue looking for intelligent life in the cosmos, are still sending out radio signals into space. These radio signals can be obnoxious to our neighboring planets. Much like living next to a giant music venue that completely ignores all sound ordinances. So, other ETs are a little pissed.

Now we claim to be intelligent beings, even though we haven’t figured out how our own planet works and are the only civilization that’s invented a measurement for something that doesn’t exist—time. Ever since the late 1940s, UFOs have been publicized by thousands of people all over the world seeing and taking pictures of them. Any intelligent being would conclude that they are in fact… here.

Yet, scientists still continue sending out these radio signals into space in search of intelligent life.

Now if you pay attention to pictures of UFOs, especially those from the Phoenix Lights mystery, you’ll see a pattern. Almost always they’re formed using three lights and always in the same precise formation.

We’ve seen this before in space. In the constellation of Orion. The three lights indicate the infamous Orion’s Belt.

We’ve also seen this with the Pyramids of Giza when seen from how they’re supposed to be seen—from space.

There are many theories surrounding the mysteries of the Great Pyramids, such as structures built for the gods, tombs for leaders, spaceship landings, spaceships, and even Noah’s Arc.

Although these theories could be correct, I believe there is another far more important reason we haven’t seen quite yet…

Perhaps, they are for our protection.

UFOs we see in the sky are other intelligent beings discovering Earth. They see the large markings in the formation from Orion, which tells them, “Hey, this planet is taken. There’s already intelligent life here, so Fuck Off!”

To communicate back that this is understood, the visitors will form their ships to imitate the three structures, and will eventually disappear.

We are being protected everyday from other extraterrestrial beings that may or may not have ill-intent. But for what? And who would want to protect a species who seems to be destroying themselves?

Who else would want to protect us, other than… Our Creators?

Tell me what you think.

*Based on The Raëlian Movement, founded in 1974, who teach that life life on Earth was scientifically created by a species of humanoid extraterrestrials, which they call the “Elohim.” Members of this species appeared human when having personal contact with the descendants of humans they had created.

They purposely misinformed early humanity that they were angels, cherubim, or gods. The founder of Raëlism, Claude Vorilhon, claims to have received the final message of the Elohim and that its purpose is to inform the world about Elohim and if humans became aware and peaceful enough, we would finally be welcomed by them.