Flat Earth or Fucked Earth?

Have we had it wrong the whole time? Have we been living a lie for thousands of years?

Well, … Yes, though not when it comes to Earth being flat. Mark Sargent has over 43,000 subscribers on his Flat Earth YouTube page. He states:

“Nobody likes this uncomfortable feeling of living on this tiny ball floating through space…”

I want to know who he’s talking about. Yes, life can be uncomfortable at times; however, I’ve never been uncomfortable due to believing the Earth is round. I’m not going to even get into the nonsense these people believe happened back in 1492 with Columbus. It’s ludicrous.

At first, after the initial shock of watching flat earth videos on YouTube, anger grew over me. I was angry at how stupid we have become. After how far we have come as a species, it’s like somewhere in our past, intelligence got turned around, and now we are as dumb as we were in the late 1400s.

I didn’t hold onto that anger, though. I observed it and watched it float away, which made room for a new feeling, which was far more heavier than the previous.

I don’t like thinking that we have been descending in intelligence. I wanted to know why people were believing such insane theories. Have we grown that desperate for something new? Have we gotten to the point that we’re grasping at anything that will bring us any bit of hope while we fall? My heart hurts at that thought. But what hope does this bring?

Yes, it correlates with the government and those running the show lying to us, but there is just so much more evidence that the earth is indeed round. And what “flat earthers” believe to be evidence is both inconsistent and simple misunderstandings. Their theory goes against every daily process we experience in our lives, such as gravity and having an atmosphere! What about shadows?

I thought maybe this was some elaborate hoax done by YouTuber’s, but then I hear rapper, B.O.B., had hopped on the bus. I know that the things I preach on this blog site can seem pretty crazy, but there is scientific evidence backing all of it up. Not to mention, the more than 40 percent of people in the U.S. believing in it. That’s a lot more than Mark Sargent’s 43,000 YouTube subscribers.

We do live on a free-will planet, and people can believe what they want, but this can be detrimental to everything humans have accomplished in the thousands of years of believing the Earth is

R O U N D.

It could be a result of humanity losing sight of simplicity. The sense of simplicity and the value of being simple has been replaced with basic desires and grossly vast greed. It’s been flipped. It’s not valued. Complexity mainly illustrated in greedy goals and selfish motivation is valued. Instead of humanity valuing ascended behavior, invented this and compassionate course the world celebrates basic fear motivated goals, sexual complexity, extreme primal survival goals while belittling higher criticized thinking.

It’s as if our own consciousness has been flipped upside down.

If you look at our chakra system it is indeed the colors of the rainbow with the red root chakra being at the base and Violet being at the Crowne top. The LGBT flag has red at the top with violet at the bottom—completely flipped.

Postmodernism has flipped everything humanity values upside down. Everything is flipped and our heart center suppressed. It is not twisted because of homosexuality, it’s flipped because of putting the basic up top. The world today is flipped because of the change in value demonstrative in the difference of the chakra systems and the rainbow of the LGBT flag.

We either can be natural with an empowered and balanced heart center or we can put the basic up top. Flip it, flip the gross to ideal. Practice yoga not YOLO!