The History of the Multiverse, pt. 2

This is an ongoing series from the writings of Seth Lyon from his series, “The History of the Multiverse.” This is part two, entitled…

The First Civilizations (with the Creation of Lucifer)

13.75 Billion YA (years ago):

Our Universe was brought into manifestation by an expansion of Mother/Father Consciousness.

(please note that all dates are in Earth years and are, at this point in our story, very approximate.)

The first inhabitants were a group of highly evolved souls from the next layer in, called the Paa Tal — 6th Density light beings who had volunteered for the task of shepherding the development of life in this brand-spanking new region of spacetime.

For billions of years they developed and nurtured galaxies, systems, suns and planets much like we would care for a garden, ensuring that they had the proper mix of primal elements to evolve in the direction these Founders wanted.

They would give gravitational nudges here and there if an orbit needed harmonizing, suck some energy out of an over-eager Star, establish transport systems (wormholes), etc… This though was only the first and easiest part of their job, the tough part was engineering a 3rd Density DNA molecule that was capable of spontaneous evolution and mutation.

The whole plan for our Universe, the purpose, was to manifest conscious life at the 3rd level of Density, the one we here on Earth are familiar with.

This is important information for us to have today, because much of the New Age movement revolves around the idea that the 3rd Density is a prison we are destined to escape from, when in fact a dense, fleshy, individuated existence was the idea from the get-go, although it was intended to be more malleable than it currently is.

Most consciousness in the Multiverse exits at 4th Density and up, though there have been other attempts to create 3rd Density beings in regions of other Universes; attempts which have eventually resulted in “Fallen Universes” — regions of spacetime where the forces of destruction, the Asuras and demons of the Void, hold sway.

This happened primarily because the DNA molecules used in those early attempts weren’t sufficiently designed to handle higher Density consciousness, resulting in total system breakdowns and fragmentation of consciousness, paving the way for the Asuric forces to come on in and do their dirty work.

So the Paa Tal had their work cut out for them and they were determined to get it right!

It took 9.25 billion years to develop a Universe that could support 3rd Density lifeforms. Then….

4.5 Billion YA

The work of creating and implementing a 3rd Density, self-evolving, multi-Density-interfacing DNA molecule began in earnest.

The chief engineer and designer of our form of DNA was a Paa Tal named Yahweh (YHWH) but before we really get into his story and the creation of the first humans, I need to tell you another story…

When most of us hear the name Lucifer we instantly think of biblical references, but the being known as Lucifer was around long before our bible was.

4 Billion YA

At the time that he enters our story he is a bright, powerful and headstrong Archangel, long before the infamous War in Heaven which resulted in his banishment to our Earth.

At this time in our Universe there were many galaxies, solar systems and planets that were well established. A big migration was taking place, as beings from other regions of the Multiverse came here to explore and create. Many also decided to take up residency as the souls of planets and suns in this new region of spacetime.

Lucifer was one of these early explorers and he had an idea about how he could create a 3rd Density life form immediately. He saw no need to wait while the Paa Tal tinkered around, trying to get a self- evolving DNA molecule right when, to him, a DNA that is perfect and unchanging would be more ideal (almost all of Lucifer’s later troubles resulted from this fixation on eternal, unchanging perfection, which was the unfortunate byproduct of the manner in which he was created…

The Creation of Lucifer

Lucifer is a very powerful and bright Archangel (his name literally translates as light-bringer, shining one, morning star, in various languages) and he was “born” with a chip on his shoulder, with good reason.

Our Mother and Father were still getting to know each other at the time of his creation. It was at one point, early in this courtship, that Mother complained that Father’s light was too bright for her, so bright it was a bit frightening.

Rather than figuring out how to make his vibration more gentle and soft, our Father simply travelled to the dividing line that separates the Void from Creation, and dumped that “too bright” aspect of himself in there.

This fragmentation of Father created Lucifer, who was immediately subjected to the influence of the Void’s residents, Ahriman and his Asuras, who reinforced his already hurt feelings at being abandoned there.

Mother and Father had both fragmented aspects of themselves (both deliberately and unconsciously) into the Void before, and usually that piece of essence didn’t have much, if any consciousness, except for a set of imprinting that told it “I shouldn’t exist”; but the energy fragmented this time was very bright and conscious and had, actually, a lot of good qualities to it. That’s how Lucifer managed to escape the Void and avoid becoming an Asura himself. By the time he found his way out though, he was as we have come to know him in the stories of the War in Heaven — a bright, powerful and persuasive Archangel who was pissed at God and wanted to do things his own way.

Lucifer knew of a race of reptilians, living in a fallen region (an area fully under the sway of Ahriman) of an earlier layer of the multiverse, whom he could use as seed stock in our Universe; a race which he admired for their strength, size, aggressive nature, and androgyny (which he considered more perfect and efficient than a race that is split into sexes ; also it was more in his image, as Archangels are also androgynous). He felt that with the proper guidance and leadership, his leadership, that this race could become truly powerful and dominant in this new territory.

It’s not that Lucifer was necessarily evil you understand, he was just impatient, headstrong and eager to create life on his own. He also had a pretty big chip on his shoulder when it comes to Divinity and it’s plans, so the fact that he was going against Divinity’s designated architects of this Universe, the Paa Tal, didn’t mean much to him . In fact, it probably encouraged him.

So he took this reptilian DNA which was quite stable and did not evolve or mutate spontaneously, and he seeded it on a planet in the system we now call Alpha Draconis. Thus were born the Ciakar, the first of the Draconians or Draco race, the first 3D life in our Universe.

Because they were first and because they incarnated into a DNA lineage that was tuned towards service-to-self, they believed their creator, Lucifer, when he told them that this Universe was theirs to inherit and dominate; and because they arrived so much earlier than other 3D races they achieved a high level of technology long before anyone else was around.

They believed their creator when he told them that they were favored, unique and closest to him, their God.

By the time Yahweh and his friends got some human life going, the Ciakar had already achieved interstellar travel. They were a race of self-serving, militaristic explorers; large and aggressive predators with no connection to Love and Unity consciousness.