The Global Circus, starring YOU!

Television and mainstream media condition our consciousness to certain levels of the general consensus of a false reality, making us prisoners locked in lesser levels of truth that we are constantly being bombarded with on a daily basis. These are no more than impediments keeping us from an inward experience of our essence that expands us into the higher realms, by keeping us focused and programmed by outside sources.

Our lifetime on Earth can be compared to a circus show, in the extent to how much we understand that the mechanisms of the performance go no further than that of the lion in his cage. Believing things about ourselves that are often damaging and hurtful, we find ourselves forever locked into a position of subservience to these forces that appear to be outside ourselves and our control.

The ringleader is society in general, as it molds what we should or should not feel—think and not think; say and not say—and instills feelings of disgust over our “flawed” physical form by parading “perfected” bodies in our faces on TV.

You, as the lion, may not be aware of the extent to which you are merely a player in this circus—brought to us by the Rothschild & Luciferian Bros. So, when—or if—the understanding comes, it will be quite a shock, to say the least.

Yet, even if you stop watching or even throw away your TV—and other media sources—a new ringleader will step in (to continue the circus/media metaphor). He, and other forms of information in control, only want one thing: they want you to feel that you and everything you have is not enough; it’s not sufficient.

For example, you spend hundreds of dollars to get the phone you’ve always wanted, but then they release a newer one that is everything yours is plus much more. Suddenly, your phone just doesn’t seem good enough anymore. They want you to feel like this, in order to get you to strive further and further towards the deification of material objects—to be “Material girls living in a material world.” Thank you, Madonna! (If she isn’t in on all of this, then she must be a robot or zombie; no doubt, the dumbest person alive.)

Since the media isolates us inside a laboratory rat chamber or circus ring, it makes us feel that we never have enough. Yet, we—in the US—live in one of the richest countries in the world, and the chances are that if you are educated and aware enough to be reading this, you probably have more than enough money to survive.

Why should you continue wrestling with yourself over always wanting more and never feeling that you have enough, when you can just sit back and realize that your life simply is? Instead of striving for greater and greater ideals of living, just simply BE.

As we strive to understand the grand plan of this circus, our eyes will open and see that we’ve been imprisoned by the capitalist system. The fact that many people still cannot see this is appalling. Especially, when all one does is watch TV and mainstream media, and still cannot see the dominant, underlying theme. It’s because you are a participant in it. But if you view it from the outside as an observer and not as a participant in denial, you’ll see that almost everything you see on TV in one form or another is designed to instill fear.

Why fear, you ask?”

When you have a person who is fearful, it is much easier to persuade them to do something they might not ordinarily do. That fear instills control. Understand right now completely and fully that fear is only a device—a method of having power over others.

If the public right now were to reach a fearless state, then the international bankers and policymakers who are running the show (particularly the Rothchild family dynasty, who owns the Federal Reserve, the World Bank, and also determine the value/price of gold) behind the corporations and media they own, would no longer have the ability to control the people, nor the ability to dictate the flow of currency.

It is the very fact that people are paralyzed by their own fears that prevent them from doing anything productive, besides bitch and moan on social media, which does NOTHING but spread more hate and fear into the world, that prevents them from any real efforts to make adjustments in their lives and directions that will be most suitable for them. This is the fear that anchors us to the bottom of the ocean of possibility—forever destined to continue the karmic loop, lifetime after lifetime.

But unlike the lion in the cage, we do have the ability to liberate ourselves from the concerns of the world. It’s not necessarily giving up on the world as much is as it is coming to a heightened understanding of the world. If you simply surrender your fears and except your life as it is right now in the present, you can begin to realize that there is a balance that is present by the very fact of whatever hardships or scarcities face you.

The balance is present so that you can learn important lessons about life, and self-knowledge comes from an understanding of the fact that you designed this whole system long, long ago as a spiritual essence. The forces of karma, the forces of manifestation on this plane, were chosen by you as the mass being that formed humanity; that formed this section of the universe.

As you pull away from the material world, as you pull away from the squawking, incessant chatter of the television which causes squawking, incessant chatter in your own mind, and as you lay down your fears at the door, you clear an enormous space for inner peace.

Participation in this media, participation in this fear, in this lack of understanding, by its very nature will cause you to become completely embroiled in the matters of day-to-day living. You will often take out your greater concerns and hardships upon those people around you, because you’re incapable of seeing the fact that there is more.

Once you begin to separate yourself from these influences and go deeper inside, you can then realize that there’s much more than this. You can begin to come to an understanding that your physical life, as you know it, is but a shell; a vehicle for exploration of the overall you which is hyper-dimensional in focus and extends throughout the span of linear time, as well as many other realities.

If you can transcend the attachment to your physical body, then you should therefore have no fear of death, for death cannot have a grip on you. You would merely understand that death is a transition, and that you will go on to something different. Ponder on these matters for they will give you greater insight. Detaching yourself from these influences which pervade is a valiant task that’s easier-said-than-done, but necessary for eternal freedom.

Put yourself in the frame of mind where you can transcend this, and you will achieve clarity of mind in a peace greater than anything you’ve ever known.

Think on these things, for their truth.

Peace be with you in the Light of everlasting Love.

The information on this post comes from myself and The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?: Interdimensional Communication & Global Transformation, by Wynn Free with David Wilcock.