The 98% We Can’t See

Humans have been conditioned by society to live our lives based on its unspoken accustoms, including the adage of “Seeing is believing.” Today, it’s nearly impossible for most people to accept the existence of something if we can’t see it with our own eyes. Even if we hear, smell, or feel something, we still aren’t completely convinced until can see it for ourselves.

Observing the external world with our own two eyes appears to be our proof that our “reality” is real. Our eyesight clearly tells us that this world is real and solid, and thus it seems more logical and scientific to doubt the existence of anything we cannot see.

There are many people who live their whole lives without ever getting curious about how our eyes actually work—maybe they don’t want to know. It can be quite startling when you do.

When we begin to realize how limited our human sight really is, that’s when the the eerie revelation is seen: that there is indeed more to this world than “meets the eye.”

When we look at any given area or place, instead of seeing all there is to see there, we are actually only seeing a tiny frequency range within the electromagnetic spectrum, or “visible light.”

We, humans, are all forms of energy working and vibrating within the same frequency range which is visible to us, and from what you can see in the chart above, there are many different forms of energy that are invisible to the human eye. And they exist all around us, occupying the same space as us. How many different beings do you think are around you now?

If you think that’s freaky…

Scientists even now state that the entire electromagnetic spectrum of visible light (that we can see) actually represents only 0.003 percent of all the energy in the universe. Even the “physical” universe that we can detect using the senses makes up only 4 percent of it.

Now, pause for a minute to think about this…

That tells us that all physical existence we can see—in the form of plants, rocks, humans, animals, planets, stars, galaxies, etc.—is only a tiny fraction of what actually exists. So, literally, at least 98 percent of “reality” is invisible to us.

Crazy, right?

This is where the infinite number of dimensions exist, each within their own vibrational frequency. With the fact that ‘energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only changes its form,’ when our human bodies die, our energy (aka soul) lives on, just in a different form—at another vibrational frequency, but still occupying the same space as before.