What We Need More Than Ever…

When people read my writings, they may think I’m only focused on the negative things happening in the world. And they may label me as some “Negative Nancy” or “Pessimistic Peter” (made that up btw…). Whatever, that’s fine. I’m not one for labels, but they have every right to label me as such. Deep down I am an optimistic person, and I strive to be, but it’s almost impossible with everything I see in the world, whether it be from the news or what I see in the everyday actions of people.

The thing is, it is not a negative thing to talk about the atrocities that corporate elitists have gotten away with; it’s actually positive. They do not want you talking , or shining a light on their hidden activities. What happens when you shine a light on a group of cockroaches? They scatter.

And in no way am I saying I’m perfect either. I am human as well and I make mistakes too, but I’m consciously aware of the mistakes that I make. Thus, when they creep back up, I know not to let them happen again.

I know I’m not the only one that feels this way, too. There are many, many activists and protesters out there trying to make a difference. And they do, but it either doesn’t last long, gets cast aside or overshadowed, or it’s for the wrong reason. In such a case, all those kids that stood together to create more gun laws helped nothing at all. I’m sure most of them had only taken part to skip school. But the ones that were serious, particularly the two that were interviewed countless times, even given a spot on The Daily Show, had a huge televised platform to say their piece. Too bad it wasn’t anything special—the two merely repeated the exact words they’d been preaching in every interview, like little “Ikemen” robots.

I understand what their intentions were, and they were whole-heartedly good, but it wasn’t the right message. Rather than fighting for stricter gun policies, they should’ve been trying to create better anti-bullying campaigns, or trying to set up more social activities in which these outcasts could be involved instead of being isolated. They should’ve worked on getting these kids more connected and involved socially so they would no longer be the lonely outcasts that believe they will prove something by shooting up the school.

Even if we outlawed guns completely, anyone with an agenda as twisted as killing kids or adults because of bullying, or their gender (natural or by choice) or race, will obtain one. And if not, that hatred they have manifested inside would still be there. And so will knives, swords, gasoline, and all the household ingredients to make homemade explosives.

Or are we going to place laws on batteries, soap, and eating utensils?

It may sound cheesy, but what we need more than anything in this world is Love. If this sounds “cheesy” or you don’t see how this will help, it’s THAT attitude why love has become such a joke today. Look at your life and make a list of the things you truly love in this world. If you have your family, spouse, animals, and nature, that’s great—keep it up. But if you list TV shows, drinking, partying, makeup, your phone, the Internet, or, for God’s sake, your mirror! Then there’s some serious work that must be done.

You don’t need any of that. Nobody does. What we need is to be more connected. And not in an Internet kind of connected—that acts as a simple illusion of connectedness that isn’t real and does more to separate people that connect. But it’s not your fault for thinking this, nor if you listed a bunch of external material things on your list.

I say it again, it’s not at all your fault. We are constantly being bombarded by nonstop propaganda and illusions that the average person busy with a demanding job and/or family doesn’t have time to realize. I, on the other hand, have no life, so it’s easy to recognize such things.

But know, it’s not just me pointing these things out. There are many researchers, scientists, and very respected people who do agree. Unfortunately, it’s only those associated with non-mainstream groups that can say anything without risking the loss of their livelihoods.

Start being aware of what’s going on in the world.

Get involved.

Ask questions.

Help your fellow human brothers and sisters, no matter what race or religion.

We are all in this together.

And I hate to say it, but social media and the technology of today are doing anything but connecting us together.

Most of all, don’t let anyone tell you what to do or think—including me!!

Go out and figure out these things for yourself!

That’s all I’m saying.

A natural connection between each other and all living things in the world is all we need to get our planet back. It’s all we will ever need.

Stayed tuned for what the technological world has been up to, has planned for us, and how it will do anything other than benefit humanity.