Forward by Facing the Past

What we understand as the past has been a concept passed down for centuries from those who wish to deceive us, for their own reasons. Before there was electronic communication, and even before the world-changing invention of the printing press, information was passed on to one another orally. This was when the only people who knew how to read and write were an ancient, select few, known as the scribes. They were the keepers of knowledge and of our human history. But this knowledge has been kept from us and was intended to be lost and forever forgotten. It was massive deception to maintain control of humanity.

We are told today to forget about the past and focus on the present and future. While this is not false, it is a misunderstanding when we don’t even know what the past truly is. We are the past. However old you believe you are—20, 30, 40…—is irrelevant, for we are ancient; Incredibly ancient. And we have forgotten the knowledge of who we are and our history of the stars that we all hold within us.

What we perceive to be as the future is nothing but the past acting itself out. We like to think we can step into the future by doing what we are told and leaving the past behind, but this never works out. We can only step into the future when we turn around to face our past and become who we are.

Humans today are constantly looking for the keys to knowledge and happiness in material items, substances, ideas, beliefs, practices, etc., but we never truly find that which we seek. It exists and only exists within each of us. All the answers, or so-called keys, can be found without leaving our own houses. There is a price, however, for everything has a price.

There must be a genuine willingness for transformation. Without the will to change, one can never awaken to his/her true potential. As human beings, we are psychologically attached to many constructs, such as hopes and ambitions for the future, beliefs and ideas concerning life and the world, the knowledge we have accumulated, our image of ourselves, our sense of status, our appearance, and achievements. These are the trappings that become attached to the sense of self. But they are not part of our true nature.

These may be easy to detach oneself from, not allowing them to determine one’s identity. But what about more tangible attachments, such as possessions, jobs, and other human beings, whom we seek for approval and attention? We feel that we are ‘someone’ because we have hopes, beliefs, status, a job and possessions and because other people give us approval. These are the building blocks of the ego.

Transformation doesn’t come easy for many. By shedding oneself of these constructs that fuel the ego, one will feel naked and lost. It might seem as if they have destroyed your identity. However, it is at this very instant that you are closer to a state of liberation; a state of detachment, released from external constructs. In that instant, one becomes awakened to a state of freedom and joy.

It drastically changes our perception of the world. You feel awake for the first time in a very long time. Above all, there is an innate feeling of connectedness to all living things in the world. Nothing is a mere coincidence anymore, but now are meaningful occurrences, which psychoanalyst Carl Jung refers to as synchronicities. Old feelings, such as loneliness, fade away, knowing the path you walk is guided by an inner Higher Self. With the honest trust in this guidance, there are less and less worried distractions, allowing you to fully appreciate the beauty in our world.

The preceding choice to transform can be long and traumatic for many, but the undeniable sense of freedom and serenity felt will ultimately be worthwhile.