Stressed? Why…?

We live in a very very stressful time right now but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you take a look at the way we live far behind today it is very apparent why there’s so much stress. We have become a stressed-out nation and I believe it’s simply due to the way we see our lives. From a very early age we are conditioned with stories—from the books read to us, to the Hollywood movies, and the stories we hear in mainstream news.

This was all fine until all of the sudden, we started to worry about things that used to be insignificant; we are anxious about how we behave or look to others; we start to fear that we will never be what we’d always dreamed of being. Fear had crept into our lives.

Correction: Fear has been meticulously placed into our psyche, wherein we unwittingly act on it.

If you look at the stories, movies, and news broadcasts, it becomes very apparent how and why this happened. There’s a reason why radio shows, news broadcasts, and TV shows are referred to as “programs.”

And now, back to your local program.

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Side note: Researchers have continued to see a steady rise in male impotency. Yet, they still have not yet done anything about it. However, I have noticed a steady rise in commercials for testosterone and male enhancement supplements. Are we headed for a future similar to Children of Men?

We are and have been programmed since the second we entered this world. This is being done by the corporate elitists who, of course, have a sinister agenda behind it.

Nearly everyone, including myself, from younger generations has at one point in their life dreamed of being famous. We want to be actors on the big screen or sports stars or whatever. I wanted to be a rock star. We want to play the role we chose in one big show, the show of our lives. As a result, we can’t help but consider life as one big show. But by doing this, we can’t be true to ourselves because we all play the roles that have been given to us.

So, how do we truly shine if we don’t like or accept the part we’re stuck with? Unfortunately, in society today, becoming an “adult” comes when you forget the dreams and join the rest of the robots in so-called “reality.”

In this “reality of adulting,” we finish getting “educated” then find a job—which now somehow determine who we are?—and begin a routine. We are conditioned to be creatures of habit, killing the child inside us who used to be fun and spontaneous. We wake up, do our morning rituals, listen to the news while in traffic, hate our job, leave work to be stuck in more traffic while listening to the radio, come home, eat, watch TV, and go to bed, only to wake up the next morning to do it all over again. Fuck this shit.


This is merely existing in a robotic way of life. This is part of the programming that makes us subservient, obedient, slave-like robots, made to work. It’s also meant to make us hate our lives of mundane routine causing depression in feelings of there being a void that needs to be filled.

Many people turn to the numbing escape found in a bottle or recreational or prescribed drugs. Ever wonder why such drugs (yes, alcohol is a drug) are legal? They are addictive and meant to either kill you or have you become subservient to authority figures and aloof to the atrocities occurring in the world. But these are only temporary fixes to that void you just can’t seem to fill.

Along with drugs and alcohol, feelings of separation and loneliness fuel the anxiety and overwhelming depression when nothing seems to fill that vacuum. The first thing you should know is that you are not alone in your thinking and feelings. This doesn’t mean to seek companionship with alcohol at a bar, either. This will never fill that hole within you.

Truth is, nothing will.

Because it doesn’t exist.

It’s a mere illusion created by ourselves. You create your reality. If you’re unhappy, then fucking do something about it. Make a change.

Take a different route to work. Turn off the constant stream of negative garbage oozing from the radio. Try something new or something you’ve always wanted to try. What did you enjoy as a kid, when you were happy? Instead of visiting the bar, or sitting at home watching TV while on your phone, turn that shit off. Leave your phone at home, or keep it in a bag powered off, and venture out into the world. Experience the world and its inhabitants.

I understand depression is a mother fucker, but before you even think to start taking anything prescribed by doctors—the practitioners of medicine who are still practicing because they’ve been miseducated on how the body truly works—try something else.

Antidepressants are a scam. They tell you it takes a few weeks before it starts to work, which coincidentally is enough time for your body to become addicted to it, so if you decide to stop taking it, you feel worse than you did before taking it.

What truly helps bring one out of that fucked-up state of mind—what helped and still helps me—is doing something for someone else, particularly a complete stranger. Don’t do it for any reason at all; not to perhaps receive future good karma. Simply do it to help out someone in need. There is always someone who has it worse than you do.

Turn off the radio, the TV, your cell phone, and experience the world while it’s still here. Be spontaneous and meet new people. Otherwise, your big show or movie will never want to be watched by anyone—not even by you.