DHS and FEMA’s Plan for Humanity

Whether this “pandemic” known as Covid-19 is a real virus or a mere scam used to implement an array of disturbing agendas, it doesn’t matter at all anymore. The massive amount of fear humanity has manifested as a result of believing there is such a deadly virus had grown into a monster of its own. A monster with its firm grip around our necks and has squeezed until we couldn’t see any longer. We have become blinded by this fear to the point that we will do anything the government, media, and President (which I’d thought nobody respected or listened to) tells us to do. We sit in our homes as subservient mice and wait until said “virus” is contained and everything goes back to normal.

How naive have we become?

How can anyone believe things can go back to the way they were?

Nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing, will ever be the same again, as long as this incremental roll-out of Medical Marshall Law continues as planned by the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA.

We will be alive, but living under an incredibly different set of rules. According to a retired FEMA employee of 20 years, this, along with events such as 9/11, have been planned for decades. It was when this person discovered these plans for our planet that drove her to not only quit, but pack up and move away to an unknown area.

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Along with the events of 9/11, she had read of the agendas behind every pandemic—Ebola, Zika, Avian Flu, MERS-CoV, H1N1, etc. The following is a look at the inhumane things that await us in the very near future.

A lockdown is already active today, but is not enforced by any means; however, as soon as this coming weekend, it will be, strongly. Nobody will be allowed to leave their house, except those involved with medical, law enforcement, and military. Those caught outside will be either fined, jailed, or both. But how could they keep an eye on everyone in America without putting soldiers on every street corner?

If you are not aware of the kind of technology we have today in our own hands and homes, hold on tight now.

For the past 20 years, we have been under constant watch by satellite surveillance. Our cell phones track our every movement even when they are turned off. With social distancing destroying businesses and human interaction, we must call-in to various places, forcing us to carry our phones everywhere now. Also, social distancing isn’t going anywhere, by the way. However, none of this compares to the other ways our privacy has already been taken away and will soon be a thing of the past.

New LED street lights continue to be installed with the new rollout of 5G, each carrying illegal components that are able to make sensory maps of the inside of our homes and what we do in them, and send this information to authorities and more. This is also done with every “smart” device inside your home. Along with these new lights, as of December 2019, over 7 million surveillance drones were released to keep an eye out for those trying to stay under the radar.

The most disturbing aspect of the future of surveillance isn’t a drone or street light or anything external, for that matter. It is one of three major benchmarks that every American will have to participate in if they want to live their lives without threatening our individual survival. Everyone will be forced to get tested for “Covid-19”—even though this is not what they will be testing for. It’s a nationwide dragnet for our DNA, which they will run through an FBI codex that could link you to any crime you have committed in the past. They can experiment with your DNA, modify it, and sell it. They can also look at your line of family history and check to see if you’re predisposed to diseases.

Everyone must be subjected to various vaccinations, up to all forty-eight of the vaccine platforms. These vaccines will be the catalyst for an extreme reduction of the population. These vaccines, as well as the ones given today, have many different substances that no human body needs. These include aborted human babies and humanized mice. A humanized mouse is a mouse that has been genetically modified to include human blood, human organs and immune system. They have also pumped human proteins into the vascular structure of plants, which is harvested and added to the vaccine. You’re most likely asking, What the hell for? I’m getting there.

We will also be subjected to DARPA’s Hydrogel, which are nanoparticles that will be injected into the body and will assemble themselves while fusing into your human tissue. This is a biological RFID chip that grows inside you, while fused into the tissue. It becomes a part of you, and there will be no way of removing it. At this point, you will no longer be considered a true human being. You will be one with a massive computer network—your phone, “smart” devices, car, etc.

All of this will be required of every human being, and with the amount of fear building everyday, it won’t be difficult for them to convince us to agree. They will sell it by the only one seemingly beneficial aspect of this biological chip—we will be able to predict future sickness. Having this inside you will be mandatory if one is to go out in public and be around other people.

Large companies such as Moderna, AstraZeneca, Vortex, Merck, Karolinski, DARPA, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, MIT, and Johnson and Johnson, all have been working together to get these vaccines together.

In a Natural News article, there was a massive headline that read: “Federal government to control and oversee grocery distribution with government/private sector partnerships: WalMart, Costco, Target, Kroger, top grocery chains to be deemed ‘critical infrastructure’… National Guard to protect key points…”

What does this mean?

It’s more evidence that nothing will ever be the same again. There will not be anymore restaurants, grocery stores, fast food places, etc. The goal is by the year 2030, after lockdowns, after everyone has had the “Covid test” and been vaccinated with sensors, we will no longer be allowed inside stores. Since they will have our modified DNA, a particular diet will be set for every individual, which they will be able to pick-up via drive-thru or perhaps even delivered.

If you’ve tried to buy seeds to plant for your vegetable garden at WalMart, you may have discovered that you can’t, depending on where you are. All natural food will be forbidden, including meat. Each person will be placed on their own rationed diet determined by their reconstructed DNA. If one has obeyed all the new laws and restrictions, staying out of trouble, the reward will be food, but not what one is used to eating. It will be a doctor prescribed portion of 1.2 ounces of either lab or insect protein per week and 36 grams of carbohydrate every 21 days.

This is the global transhumanization of the New World Order, but it doesn’t end here. The ultimate agenda, along with total control, is much more sinister. It is to get humanity down to about a half billion people to keep as subservient workers who tend to the wealthy. To reduce the population, an acronym is widely used throughout the few in the know: CBRNE, which stands for the coming phases of population reduction like we’ve never seen: Chemical, Bioweapons, Radiology (Radiation), Nuclear, and E is our wildcard, which could be Environmental, Ebola, even Extraterrestrial (this coming up). We don’t know if they will be rolled out in this order but it seems to be the next step of the plan after everyone has been tested and vaccinated.

The world as we had known it will never happen again. Science is becoming entangled with nature and will eventually overtake it. For the past ten years, scientists have been working diligently reclassifying every life form on Earth. They are doing this as a new civilization reset, a sixth extinction of man. In the new classification, many species will be taken out and many others will be added, such as giants, spiritual/inter dimensional beings, and various races of alien beings, both extraterrestrial and subterranean.

This may seem like a horrific, dystopian, sci-fi fantasy, but when one takes a look at the cryptic work done at CERN, the massive hadron collider in Switzerland, one may start to question everything they think they know about reality. It truly is terrifying, but it is not too late to put all of this to an end.

If you truly care for your loved ones, your friends, the people you see on a daily basis, the faces you’ve become familiar with, and everything you have become accustomed to in your life; if you genuinely care for, and respect, the life you have and the future of not only humanity, but the world, please consider this information. No matter how terrifying it truly is, it is not worth the risk to simply brush it off as mere conspiracy.

Ask yourself, do you think you could truly live with yourself knowing you chose to cover your eyes and sit on your ass, instead of standing up and fighting for the freedom of your kids and loved ones?

We, the people, are the foundation of the compartmentalized structure that is ruled by an elite few. We severely outnumber them, so if we refuse to listen to their lies and decide not to abide by these restrictions being placed on our freedom and livelihood, they will fall. And that is when, in favor of the people, justice will prevail.