What It All Leads To

If you are not absolutely appalled or completely confused, not only due to our current situation but the many global occurrences and poor leadership from our “intellectuals” in power in the last 20+ years, you haven’t been paying attention. Despite how much of my life I’ve spent pointing the finger, today I must say, “it’s not your fault.”

Our lives are very busy (or were), working nine-to-five jobs to support ourselves and our loved ones. Not to mention, keep up with our social status to convince others that we have a good handle on things, especially when it seems like we don’t. With advances in technology, we now have the World Wide Web to make life easier for us; as well as convenient communication devices to access it whenever we choose.

Well, not exactly.

Have you noticed how everything we do now requires us to carry this device on us everywhere we go?

Have you ever wondered why it has location services, a camera on the front, and fingerprint analysis?

“…for when I get lost, to take ‘selfies,’ and to protect/unlock my phone, duh.”


So what was wrong with the initial camera? Did we really need another, lazier, way to protect/unlock our phone, other than a passcode? And do you really need a device to tell you where you are?

I’m not going to go on about the vanity and negative outcomes behind ‘selfies,’ but if you want to know, just look at the correlation between adult and adolescent suicides and the number of selfies on their social media profiles. The fingerprint should be self-explanatory; if not, don’t bother reading on—rather, pick up a book and learn how to comprehend and connect two ideas.

What you may not know is that when you turn your phone off, the location tracking system and microphone switch on. Sure, when your phone is on you are given the choice to allow Locations or not. This is only to make you believe you still have a choice. As long as your phone is on you, your location can be tracked—as well as other phone carriers whom you’ve come into contact with.

Don’t believe me?

There’s already an app in other countries (if not already available in the US) that can tell you who has or had CøV.9teen and if you’ve been in contact with them.

Ok, it’s time to get to the point.

Our jobs, beliefs, technology, nearly every thing in our lives has been created as either a means of control or as a distraction. The Internet was created at CERN (if you don’t know what this is, time to play catch up) to gather information on YOU and manipulate your mind through false science/media outlets. They wish to keep the public busy with drama, keep us guessing, keep us dumbed down whilst they continue their plans for the coming pole shift.

Political agendas, military movements, false flag events, geological impacts, climate change agendas, etc., are all used to gain more control of the masses before a coming shift occurs (I’ll get to this, patience). False flags are the elites way of taking the people’s guns and making the streets more militarized to create a more controlled environment. They stage shootings so that the public see the drama on the (elite-owned) news outlets, which make most of the public naturally adopt this ‘we need to get rid of the guns’ attitude.

In our current situation, people have become so fearful that police enforcement isn’t necessary, because the people have been policing each other. (There’s a word for this, I believe it’s called Fascism! And it’s typically done by the ones who believe everything they don’t agree with is “fascist.” If you said Democrats or Liberals, you’re correct my friend.)

The more staged shootings, the more guns they can take away whilst putting more police armed to the teeth with military weapons and equipment—the “assault rifles” liberals always complain about; except ARs are not the fully-automatic guns the military will have while policing the streets. All of this means there would be potentially less people with guns to deal with during ‘martial law’ events.

It’s quite clear the world is preparing for the next big world war, getting the minds of the masses to subliminally accept the war as it occurs, so you can be easily controlled by FEMA, United Nations, Police and Military enforcement. This will be the war of distraction—the start of the global ‘martial law’ enforcement to keep the public in their towns/cities ready for the coming pole shift.

Some of you will already know the elite want to depopulate the world to a much more manageable 500 million people. So is written in stone, on the ‘new world order’ Georgia guide stones. All is part of ‘Agenda 21.’

“So what exactly is this pole shift?”

Great question. Thanks for asking. But bear with me, it’s gonna get a little science-y. But before the answer, first, you need to understand what causes the pole shift.

Every ancient religion, scripture, prophecy, book, tablets, carving, and painting, all depict what they had experienced and showed us what they’d seen in the skies, how the water came to shore, how they had to run to the mountains, how the clouds rolled back, how the earthquakes occurred causing destruction after seeing spirals in the skies, from different accounts from all over the globe with no form of contacting each other yet all talk of the same things and depicted them in their drawings/carvings.

The civilizations from all over the globe spoke of the exact same events through the same years even though they had no form of contacting the people around the world. Also, thousands of years apart the same story has been told from different parts of the world. That’s pretty compelling evidence in itself but it doesn’t stop there.

Anyone with a third grade education knows of the main planetary bodies within our solar system, orbiting around the sun. However, what they don’t teach you in school are other ones, each with their own electromagnetic connections and various, elongated oval orbits. When they venture closer towards the sun, reaching their perihelion, the increase of charged particles rises to incredible densities. These are the cosmic waves of energy and the reason for the cosmic radiation—also known as climate change.

Nemesis is a brown dwarf star, a central star mass that is very dense with helium, lithium, and iron oxide. The electromagnetic properties of a brown dwarf are very strong, creating an immense amount of galactic energy through our entire solar system. This system has a very long elliptical orbit around our sun, around 3650 years. Earth passes this system every year, and depending on where the it’s outer most orbiting planet is on its orbit determines the magnetic influence it has on our southern magnetic pole. We are already feeling this shift today.

Even at a great distance, the brown dwarf has a strong magnetic influence on Earth. This is the case for the sudden pole shift we are experiencing and have been for the past five dramatic years. But this shift is nothing compared to the shift we will experience in four or five years.

Those in power are literally counting down until this happens, while keeping a lid on it to prevent widespread panic. In four to five years, our magnetic north will tilt to the 40-degree point where the magnetic field becomes weaker, causing the pole to shift much faster from that point. The closer the brown dwarf gets, the quicker the pole migration.

The brown dwarf could still be 25 million miles away from Earth when this occurs, but its outer most orbiting planet (Nibiru/Planet X) will still pass between the distance of Earth and the moon. We will be able to see this planet as it crosses, covering most of the sky from our perspective, but we won’t receive any warning from our governments about it. Less time means less panic.

The brown dwarf (Nemesis) however, can only be visible in the infrared spectrum, as NASA continues to keep it hidden with many unbelievable technologies that I will talk about in another post—chemtrails and a sun simulator.

The pole shift will cause worldwide tidal surges that will reach elevations of 400-1500ft in places. This will devastate the coastlines and all coastal areas. Since 90% of the world population live near coastal areas that would be affected, this shift works in conjunction with the elite’s agenda to depopulate the population.

It is the perfect solution to their agenda and they know this. This is why war and the continuation of patented viruses are the perfect reasons to begin to implement ‘martial law’ to set up barricades around the towns and cities to keep most of the population by the coastal areas. Unfortunately, the standard military will be following orders of their ranking officers being none the wiser that they will be expendable during these events. The elite already have a very well established, above top secret ‘black op’ military in place for the ‘aftermath’.

The elite have been busy looking out for themselves, unknown to the majority of the public, they have been building underground cites called ‘D.U.M.B cities’ (deep underground military bases) so that the selected have a safe haven during these events with air-locked, water tight facilities, packed with over ten years worth of food, water, power, seed vaults and cater for thousands of people in many different locations across the globe. But only for the rich, powerful, famous elite.

I will speak more on the elite’s new interest in land realty in another article. Bill Gates, Ted Turner, Jeff Bezos, and the like, have each purchased thousands to two-million acres in states such as Texas, Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado, which will be the “safe” zones. Another thing you might notice, is how every wealthy estate has now become equipped with its own helipad.

“Why won’t they go public with this information?”

You have to imagine the civil unrest that would occur if they made a public announcement that the world is going to change dramatically whilst most of the worlds population will perish. The world would be in absolute chaos overnight. Everything that has been occurring in the last twenty or so years had been and continues to be used as a means of controlling, manipulating, and distracting the masses.

I’m well aware of how much the “theory” of Nibiru/Planet X gets discredited by mainstream scientists. But do you actually believe everything you hear? I don’t think you would be reading this if that were the case. The same goes for this post—don’t listen to me! Do your own research and investigation to see it for yourself. I challenge you to do so; prove me wrong. I would love nothing more than for this to be a crock of shit. I don’t want to die, nor see my loved ones die; however, I am ready for it and by no means do I fear it. We are all of One Consciousness within our human body. In other words, energy. And energy neither can be created nor destroyed; it only changes its form.

“Welcome to the desert of the real.”


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