Protesting Against Our Own Freedoms

No, you won’t fool the children of the revolution…”

So goes the T. Rex song, recorded at John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s Ascot Sound Studios. The revolutionary message behind the song’s lyrics seem to be less about a proper political-economical revolution and more about a revolution in behaviour brought about by rock and roll and media personalities, which goes against Gil Scott Heron’s The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. Today, we know that both are not true, at all. But then again, what people like these protesters seem to believe to be a “revolution” is nothing of the sort. Rather, it is a blueprint for the lockdown of our nation.

Carrying signs and wearing shirts with the anarchist symbol, and even calling themselves “anarchists,” shows these people know absolutely nothing about political philosophy. These are the people involved in the looting, arson, and widespread assaults within cities. I believe the correct word we are looking for is Nihilism, but thanks for playing.

What’s laughable, albeit sad and appalling, is that these people believe they are making a difference politically. This isn’t everyone of course. There are the many protesters demonstrating in a more peaceful, civilized way, without violence or crime. Yet, these are the biggest fools being duped. They are the idealists being exploited on a regular basis by the state and its media propaganda. The media has stated, “Riots are now acceptable because racism is a national emergency.” (CNN)

This is the new standard.

Everyday we are told that white cops are a brutal threat to black men, and some are, that’s what started this whole mess.

In reality, however, according to last year’s statistics, white officers were less likely to shoot non-white suspects compared to non-white officers were. In any given year, more white suspects are killed than non-white, and that is a given fact. White officers know of the repercussions that come with shooting a non-white suspect in today’s “politically correct” society.

Not saying it doesn’t happen, which clearly it does.

In the case of George Floyd, and the riots and protests he’s unwittingly caused from the dead, we have another clear version of our trusty Problem-Reaction-Solution model.

Enraged “anarchists”—many who are agent provocateurs—are not interested in justice, fairness, and peaceful negotiation. They are providing the pretext to usher in a fascist police state. Black-clad, militarized American cops—many being veterans of the illegal wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria—view citizens as the enemy. This is drilled into them at the academy and every day on the job. It’s simple gang mentality.

With that, propaganda from the media focuses exclusively on the murder of non-whites, but we already know the real statistics. None of this is said in the news, of course, because it doesn’t serve the elitist agenda, which is the destruction of civil society through irrational political polarization, created racism, and escalating violence to bring forth Martial Law.

What many rioters and protestors haven’t realized, whether wearing a face mask for C-v1d9teen reasons or to be anonymous, is that if they have their phone on their person, their identity and location are known—even if the phone is off.

C-V1D9teen “contact tracing” is now being used to track down activists and those associated with them. Facial recognition (even with a mask) is being used to locate targeted individuals in crowds. Now that police are joining the protests, the state will soon turn up the heat.

If we somehow end up seeing a disbanding of the police, it won’t be long before whatever proposed plans made by protestors inevitably fail, which would then undoubtedly implement Martial Law. Otherwise, be on the lookout for yet another false flag event to justify the now million military personnel employed, as well as ex-veterans called in for possible mobilization. This has already been guided by the president to activate the military. Many states have already declared a second state of emergency for the riots, giving governors ultimate control and whatever they need to restore order.

This has all been like a theatrical play, complete with three acts:

C_v1D9teen was the first act, demonstrating how millions of Americans will follow authoritarian orders of their “representatives” and elected officials. It was a test run to see how far citizens can be pushed before they react. The George Floyd riots, or act two, were a result of the C_v1D lockdown, which made people literally insane with anger and anxiety. Of course, with the help of the media propaganda coverage of burning cities and looting around the nation to build more fear in the mind of the average American, pushing what simply was a bad seasonal flu off to the side. I’ll get to act three in a minute.

The state has planned this eventuality for decades. After the race riots of the late ‘60s, the government established the ADEX list of “subversives,” or activists opposed to the stat while simultaneously operating the FBI’s COINTELPRO neutralization campaign against civil rights and antiwar activists. Yes, your precious #BlackLivesMatter campaign had been infiltrated a long time ago.

The ADEX list is an ancestor of today’s Main Core, a database containing personal and financial data on more than a million people. REX-84, Garden Plot, Lantern Spike, and other military operations were put into place to roundup activists and enemies of the state—which would be most of the protesters today. All of this was pointed out by congressman Jack Brooks during the Iran-Contra hearings.

It still isn’t clear what the state will do next as part of its latest psychological operation against the American people, but as the C-v1d9teen “plandemic” demonstrated, to keep people in line, all that’s needed is FEAR. Every one of the elite’s tactics, especially the use of fear can be found within Machiavelli’s The Prince and Sun Tzu’s The Art of War.

Do Not Be Afraid, and Do Not Buy into the Elite-Owned Media Propaganda!

So, we have C-vid9teen, civil unrest… what now? Well, hurricane season is upon us, and if you’ve been paying attention to events occurring around the world, this will be the absolute worst it’s ever been. I can tell you right now, most of the storms may seem natural, but will be man made, with the technologies of HAARP and CERN.

Quit living in the past, concerning yourself with things that didn’t happen to you. Tearing down statues does not erase anything from history. What’s done is done and there isn’t anything anyone can do to change it. We can only focus on the present moments, the actions we take, and the effects or repercussions of those choices—which none of these protestors are doing. They are simply making the future of humanity much worse for everyone.

Good luck. And do NOT vote for any Democrat this election. In fact, the only way to really start a revolution of any kind would be if no one voted. But that’s a pipe dream that will never happen.

Maybe one day…


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