Nightly Notion 6/16/20

I have a feeling George Floyd was none other than a crisis actor. The same goes for every other “victim of police brutality” the media has reported thereafter. Seriously, what white cop in their right mind would even try to touch a non-white suspect right now?

Yesterday on TMZ, two black reporters were commenting back and forth on a “new” video of police brutality. Before I could change the channel, they wanted to hear the opinion of another reporter, who was also black, of course. I don’t believe any cop would do anything so stupid and consequential right now, especially when they have been told to back down, which is why you see them sitting in coffee shops—then the media spins this around as them “not doing anything.”

I believe it’s much like the rainforest fires, where we were told it was a wildfire when in reality it was a very controlled fire of an area that had already been extracted. Yet, the videos shown were of blazing fires sending dark clouds of smoke into the air. Those were real fires, yes, just not of the fire reported. They played clips of wildfires from previous years in other various locations with similar tropical climates. It worked, since the majority doesn’t know what the rainforest looks like.

Who the hell’s been to the rainforest? Who would want to go? It’s one of the most dangerous places in the world. Yet, wannabe activist after wannabe activist, all who’ve probably never even thought about the rainforest before, got all up in arms about it, posting their unwanted opinions on social media.

How can people not see that this is what they want???

Before this “plandemic,” I thought it was a universal truth that both political leaders and news outlets lied in order to get votes and ratings. But all of that goes out the window when a bad flu season occurs? 
    I’m ready to get off at the next stop, I’ve had enough stupidity for this lifetime.