The Transgender Agenda

In our severely deranged world of today, going hand-in-hand with the Homosexual agenda is another rise in schizophrenic narcissism in which the masses are being forced to not only accept but congratulate: transgenderism and transexuality. The difference being in the latter, one would go under the knife to remove or alter their genitals.

Transgenderism has been around for who knows how long. Back in the music scene of the 60s, 70s, and 80s, many popular artists, such as David Bowie, Prince, and Mick Jagger, among many others, had worn make-up and women’s outfits, yet nobody really cared. People saw it and accepted it as long as it didn’t have a negative or harmful effect on them. When those in control saw this, they saw an opportunity.

The Archontic mindset is obsessed with three things: power, narcissistic supply as worship of who they are, and conflict—particularly territorial disputes. In this case, we have an effort to brainwash the masses into fighting over small pieces of intellectual territory that nobody actually cares about but are now being forced to care about by gaining narcissistic supply and power by inflicting submission on people. It is a Psy-Op to generate psychological submission.

The natural order of the universe is the balance of dynamism or duality, which in living organisms we have the male polarity and the female polarity—the yin and the yang; as above, so below. But once the dynamic tension between the two, or the libidity (libido energy) is killed, we become androgynous, which does not work with human beings. No yin and no yang means no balance, which leaves us lifeless.

Those in control play it off as being about acceptance of different lifestyle choices. This goes much deeper than a simple matter of acceptance. It’s about eradicating sex and sexual differences by eliminating polarity, the yin/yang. Without it, we move into severe depression, an absence of feeling; emptiness.

Once again we find Orwell’s 1984 as the blueprint for this Narchontic Psy-Op:

The sex instinct will be eradicated. We shall abolish the orgasm. There will be no loyalty except loyalty to the Party.”

So why is it that we were more accepting of transgenderism decades ago but have a problem with it today?

Humans, for the most part, are accepting beings, so long as whatever the case isn’t harmful to them. Today, we are not only being forced to accept it when a man surgically changes his sexuality to a woman (and woman to man, however that works), we are also being forced to congratulate him. Advances in technology, along with greed and ignorance, have made transexuality possible.

If you went to a doctor and told him you had a problem with, say, your fingers—that you didn’t feel like they are yours—any sane doctor would claim that you’re delusional or suffering from body dysmorphia. He would tell you that you are mentally ill and in need of help via therapy, not surgery. We see this all the time with people believing themselves to be cats or horses, and when they ask for surgically placed whiskers on their face, they receive recommendations for therapy. But since we are dealing with such a sensitive matter as genitals, doctors say “Okay” to surgery.

Currently there is no research that states these people are mentally better or even happier after surgery, and I don’t believe there will ever be that is based on truth. It is the exploitation of the mentally ill to perform surgery on them; otherwise known as malpractice and illegal, to say it lightly.

Another aspect of the agenda is to create a sense of shame through confusion and submission. If you’ve been paying attention, you could see a contradiction in what those in control want with their obsession with the human body. They want us to believe that the body is nothing but a sack of bones and organs; that it’s unimportant and just a body where neither male nor female matter. At the same time, they influence us to change sexes, where body is in fact important.

This contradiction of ideas being forced upon already confused people generates more internal conflict. It’s using shame by guilt-tripping us into submission. They laugh at us because they know that we know we are full of shit (not everyone, of course). When you’re a liar and you know you’re a liar, you stop resisting, thinking yourself as not worth fighting for, thereby giving up and submitting.

Now, if you want to switch sexes or dress a certain way, that’s all fine and dandy. Whatever floats your boat. It’s this statistic that has me enraged: Today, the suicide rate among transgender kids is at 41 percent. Yes, that’s right I said kids.

This is perhaps the most disturbing part of this agenda. Along with the 700,000 transgender adults, children as young as three to four years old are being labeled and given support from their own parents for thinking they are the wrong sex.

So, along with acceptance and forced congratulations to adult transexuality, we must do the same when it comes to children.

They haven’t even gone through puberty yet. How the hell would they even know what it’s really like as a boy or girl without hitting puberty as one??

And many parents support this blatant mental illness by giving in to their child’s delusions, feeding them hormones and testosterone supplements, while some are even willing to surgically alter or change their child’s sex—though this has not been reported yet. There is yet to be a doctor who has agreed to surgically change the sex of a child, but with the way things are going, it may not be too far in the future.

Even though this evil is of the narcissistic/psychopath mindset of the technocratic corporate elitists who run the world (at least, the western world), I believe the finger should be pointed closer to home, at the parents!

Shit, many adults don’t even know how they’re influenced and manipulated by corporations, let alone a freaking child!

These “parents” believe in the lies fed to them from “psychologists” who are on the payroll of those in support of this androgynous agenda.

Everyone has a price—you can pay anyone to go on TV and say anything, no matter how fucked up it is.

And that’s the world we live in.

This is more than mass confusion and mental illness; it’s pure evil. This transgenderism, as well as the homosexual agenda must be stopped immediately.