NïGhTL¥ NøTįøN 6/5/20

Of course HarpO is going to make a huge deal about her being arrested and calling it a hoax. But let’s look at the facts that she has failed to recognize: Her arrest was made on a Tuesday, yet the huge media mogul didn’t figure out she was trending on Twitter all day, until a supposed friend had informed her about it on Wednesday? For a psychopathic narcissist such as “O” not checking her Twitter account, and not hearing about it until the next day is outrageous.

Nice try HarpO, but we all know the truth. We also saw a house of yours in Boca Raton, Florida being seized and roped off with tape.

Her narcissistic nature even had the nerve to tweet that she was “self-distancing with the rest of the world,” and for everyone to “stay safe.” She was self-distancing alright, in a cell where she belongs, and where “everyone” would be safe… from likes of 0prah W1nfre¥.

Look into this very long list of celebrities, politicians, and clergy members being indicted for sex trafficking and pedophilia. Do your own research and most importantly, be aware that the major media outlets are all going to deny these claims, calling it a giant hoax or conspiracy theory. This is the job of an operation known as Mockingbird, that is in charge of creating and disseminating fake news; not to mention, try to cover up the truth when it becomes revealed.

That which has been shrouded in darkness is now coming to the light. We will see more and more of this in the next coming months.