NįGhTŁ¥ NøTïøN 7/17/20

Fear sneaks into our homes like an insidious intruder hiding in the shadows, waiting for the right time to strike so that it counts—staying with you to spread amongst others. After Dr. Fauci had made the false claim on March 10 that COV-19 was “ten times worse than the flu,” the amount of fear and panic was unbelievable. It was as if being, not only a mere viewer, but an active participant in a Hollywood ‘end-of-days’ movie that just wouldn’t end.

News stations and politicians were suddenly being listened to, despite what I’d thought had been a well-known fact that both were known to stretch the truth, and even lie to the public, in order to get better ratings or more votes. Now, the media is a major disseminator of fear amongst an unquestioning population. Those who soak up every word they’re told without giving any rational thought to it, then get on their digital soapbox to infect more people.

In 2004, when WNBC-TV Doctor, David Marks, was asked about the role the media plays in the spread of fear, he stated:

We’re so guilty of spreading it. I don’t like reporting the over-hyped stories that unnecessarily scare people. But these are my assignments. I try to put things in perspective, to do my best to tone things down, but sometimes I wish we weren’t covering these stories at all.”

It isn’t just the media that spreads this fear contagion either. Netflix, Amazon Video Prime, and Hulu had also joined in on the fear-mongering, featuring apocalyptic and disease/virus outbreak movies and TV shows.

The primary defenses we have against this ever-growing fear pandemic—our passions and daily routines—have even been destroyed. Our obsessions with entertainment and the media have eroded these defenses due to the constant attack of doom-and-gloom in the news and on television. This has made fear a commonly-used tool by governments, politicians, and corporations. But, we too play a major part.

Fear is designed to be protective, such as when animals use it to sense a threat to their own survival. Through our own ignorance and lack of awareness, however, humans tend to exaggerate fear to the point where it becomes a threat to our own health. Under the stress of unremitting fear, we become more susceptible to disease—heart disease, stroke, cancer, etc. Once we become sick, our fear grows, thus making things worse.

The symptoms of fear, the maladaptive kind, include an exaggerated sense of vulnerability, fear of a danger that doesn’t exist, or fear out of proportion to the risk. Like any illness, the illness of fear interferes with our ability to function. Fear victims are revved up in constant fight-or-flight mode—always on alert—producing an excess amount of stress hormones, such as adrenaline, catecholamines, and cortisol. This causes the liver to make more sugar and create more and more energy built up with no outlet.

With fear infecting and reinfecting us, our pill-happy culture of instant gratification looks for quick-fix treatments rather than a permanent cure. Instead of examining why we are unnecessarily afraid, ripping out the root of the fear, we attempt to neutralize it with temporary, postmodern concoctions.

The best way to reduce a great amount of fear in our daily lives is very simple, but may be unthinkable to the average American: THROW AWAY YOUR TV.

Or, at least, quit watching the news and YouTube (which is now false advertising with the amount of censorship now, it should be called TheirTube).

You will notice a major difference in your well-being and overall happiness in a matter of days, I promise. And I am a man of my word. Just you see.