Democratic Desperation


I know I’m even guilty of this, but do you remember when people were complaining about how awful last year was—thinking this year would be better? That malignant optimism can be a real let down, especially if you’re still a Trump-hating progressive who blindly wobbles to the left.

First off, I am neither for Republicans, nor Democrats. From what I’ve seen, both sides are littered with issues. Granted, I’ve only been here for thirty-three years—of which maybe 15-20 that I remember (lol)—I only really paid attention to politics for the past two or three. I’ve reluctantly stood in line to vote only a handful of times, and only once was it for my own desire—to vote the Green Party because I was 21 and tired of my pothead friends talking about how weed shouldn’t be illegal. Every other time was done through coaxing from either my parents or a girl. I’ve voted red, blue, green, and still haven’t seen any sort of return from them.

This has been proof of my theory that the two main political parties were merely two sides of the same coin.

“Step right up, folks! Vote the puppet on the left or the puppet on the right. It doesn’t matter, everyone is still a loser ‘cuz the government is still gonna do whatever it wants!” (My crude, yet accurate, view of how I see politics.)

I believe this had become self-evident for many other people after the terms served by Bush, Sr., ‘lil Bush, Clinton, and Obama. The most annoying thing, in my opinion, is how much the indecisive Democratics whine when they don’t get their way. Especially after they didn’t get the “change” they were promised by Obama. Yet, they eventually got what they wanted, in the form of Trump, however. Beggars can’t be choosers, but liberals never learned that.

One thing I can say about the Trump-hating Democrats is that they are some determined donkeys. After the Russian collusion story was thought be over with, they tried to give it legs again with the obstruction of justice narrative. When that went nowhere, they began on the Ukraine “quid pro quo” and abuse of power. That failed too, but in a last desperate attempt, the House moved to impeach Trump for abuse of power and obstruction of congress. They pulled out the big guns.

That was an emotionally-charged disappointment, to say the least, that left Trump-haters with more frustration, resentment, and anger. But maybe there was hope for these sore losers. After all the long years of fighting, a new election was on the horizon. Along with (a supposed) something brewing in China that they could use to take out Trump once and for all.

Before we get to the big revelation, one must understand the thinking that goes on within the robotic mind of a Trump-hater: They believe that Trump is bad and dangerous and so, in order to get rid of him, they must expose his bad and dangerous nature to the world.

On January 29, of this year, Trump had announced a Travel Ban from China to combat the coronavirus. Within the convoluted mind of a Trump-hater, it would look something like this:

–Trump is bad and dangerous

–Trump bans travel because he thinks coronavirus is a problem

–banning travel is bad; thinking coronavirus is a problem is bad

–we must expose that coronavirus is not a problem so we can expose that Trump is bad and dangerous

Made sense, in their heads. Since, more than 85% of the media leans to the left, with nearly all owned and controlled by the Democratic Party, that is exactly what they did for a month. Then, on February 26, at a press conference, Trump stated that we have to treat CoV-19 like the flu.

So, a new chain of logic emerges within the Trump-Haters’ minds: Since he compared CoV to the flu, that is bad and dangerous, so we must expose that comparing CoV to the flu is bad and dangerous.

Then came the much-awaited Democratic primaries on March 3, where the World Health Organization held a press conference in which Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus says the following during a drawn out explanation about how COVID-19 is different from the flu: “Globally, about 3.4% of the reported COVID-19 cases have died. By comparison, seasonal flu generally kills far fewer than 1% of those infected.

Much of this was ignored however by many paying attention to yet another disappointment to the democrats. While nearly everyone pulled out, one man stood, Joe Biden, to take the run at Trump. Though nearly everyone knew he would fail. They knew they needed something to work with against Trump.

Then on March 5, Trump was interviewed by Fox News’ Sean Hannity show, stating the numbers Dr. Tedros had given were “false,” which they were. Four days later, he tweeted with actual statistics: “So last year 37,000 died from the common flu. It averages between 27,000 and 70,000 per year. …At this point there are 546 confirmed cases of coronavirus, with 22 deaths…

But it was on March 10, when a member of his own task force, Dr. Fauci, was interviewed on the same Hannity show, claiming: “The mortality rate for the seasonal flu is 0.1 percent. The mortality rate for this is 2, 2 ½ percent. It’s probably lower than that, it’s probably closer to 1. But even if it’s 1, its ten times more lethal than the flu.” This was the set off the worldwide bomb. Now, Trump was seen as of his own team wasn’t behind him; that he was defying expert opinions.

Trump-haters and the media had a field day; a celebration; with this news. Even his own experts disagree with him and are correcting him. To the Democratic mind, Trump is ignoring and defying the experts, and that puts us all in danger.

When Fauci says that line, “ten times more lethal than the flu,” he lit the fuse on the FEAR-19 Pandemic. They had Trump now. All their dreams would be fulfilled. Except, it was all based on lies, damn lies, and fake stats. But why was the World Health Organization’s Director-General giving us fake statistics?

The day after Dr. Fauci lit the fuse that began the ever-growing fear and panic, he testifies in a hearing with the House Oversight and Reform Committee, stating:

For a practical understanding for the American People, the seasonal flu that we deal with every year has a mortality of 0.1%. The stated mortality overall of this (COVID), when you look at all the data, including China, it is about 3%. At first, it started out at 2, and now 3.

Now, Fauci knows this is a false comparison, so he walks it back a bit by saying: “I think when you count all the cases of minimally symptomatic or asymptomatic, that probably brings the mortality down to somewhere about 1%.”

Okay, there it is. Fauci explains that the second number is missing some things. You have to count the minimally symptomatic and asymptomatic. (More Covid revelations on part two of this paper.)

This tells us quite a bit: that Trump’s own task force is working with the World Health Organization, who is concerned more about politics than our health. Dr. Tedros and WHO have a history of making political moves to counter Trump. When Trump issued the China travel ban back on January 29th, it went into effect a couple of days later on February 2nd. The very next day, February 3rd, the WHO held its Executive Board meeting, where Dr. Tedros announced the new WHO recommendations to “prevent and limit the further spread of the virus (COVID).”

The number one recommendation to prevent and limit the further spread of the virus was, and I quote Dr. Tedros here: “There is no reason for unnecessary measures that interfere with international travel and trade.”

Seriously? This is the number one recommendation from the World Health Organization?!

It isn’t any surprise to me. Emphasis was added for those who are not aware that the WHO is part of the New World Order.

The travel ban had clearly upset China, but not as much as Trump’s faux pas, calling it the “China Virus” and the “Kung Flu” (not sure if the latter was him but I’m sure he said it at some point). So, what we have here is more fuel for the Democratic Trump-haters. In their closed eyes, not only is Trump “denying the experts,” he is now a danger to citizens, as well as a “racist” and “xenophobe”—added on to his “white supremacy.”

Yeah, he’s a white supremacist. Even though he granted amnesty to a million non-white foreigners, allowing them to live in America. Thankfully, that was it. I’m not sorry to say, “Oh yeah, globalization was a great idea!” If doctors, nurses, and psychiatrists aren’t willing to give out medications and vaccines meant to dumb us down and eventually kill us, we have many people coming from third-world countries that will definitely do the job for health benefits, education, health care, and an overall better way of life.

Anyone who calls Trump a white supremacist needs to be slapped in the face. Everything that has happened has either been due to, or has been used by the Democratic Party and the wealthy assholes who fund them.

(To Be Continued…)