Eugenics: The Fall of Western Civilization (pt. four)


If you have been in an emergency situation, or at least have seen James Cameron’s 3-hour Hollywood Marxism film, Titanic, you should know to save the women and children first. Unfortunately, in the darkest form of irony, the same phrase women and children first also applies to the global elite in their depopulation agenda.

Back in 2007, the Postpartum Mood Disorders Prevention Act had been introduced, which called for the mental screening of mothers for signs of depression. This bill had died in the Senate in 2008, but was brought back up in 2009 as the Melanie Blocker Stokes Mom’s Opportunity to Access Health, Education, Reerch, and Support for Postpartum Depression Act, or better known as the Mother’s Act. This act would essentially allow for infants, pregnant women, and nursing mothers to be drugged even more than usual. The legislation would also allow Child Protective Services to take children from parents with fewer restrictions.

Fortunately, this bill, as well as everyone like it, had been declined by Congress for eight years. Investigative journalist Evelyn Pringle wrote for the political newsletter Counterpoint, stating that the true goal of this act is to transform women of child-bearing age into life-long consumers of psychiatric treatment by screening women not only for postpartum depression, but for a vast list of “mood” and “anxiety” disorders.

She also added that “Enough cannot be said about the ability of anyone with a white coat and a medical title to convince vulnerable pregnant women and new mothers that the thoughts and feelings they experience on any given day might be abnormal.” I’d also like to add that pregnant women and mood swings are like the gulf of mexico during hurricane season–both natural occurrences that can be intense and have been a thing since the beginning of time. With the exception of a few cases of true clinical depression, subjecting normal, healthy women to a vast amount of psychiatric drugs while experiencing these normal ups and downs isn’t only unnecessary, but incredibly destructive.

Despite what you may know or hear from the media, illegal drugs such as heroin and cocaine haven’t been proven to be the most fatal to citizens. More than a third of the population in America (a little over one hundred-million) are prescribed to take powerful and even toxic, mood-altering, legal drugs simply to get through the day. Nearly forty-million of these drugged people have admitted to driving on a regular basis while under the influence.

From 1960 to 1980, production of prescription drugs were fairly static, but between 1980 to 2000, production and sales had tripled. Twelve years later, in 2012, the spending of prescription drugs was estimated to account for $260.8-billion of the national health spending. So, what the hell happened?

Within the medical industry, there are no “experts” or even “professionals.” Doctors are in the practice of medicine; therefore, they are still just practitioners. But even this is too high of a title for what they truly are: highly-paid drug dealers. The medicines they prescribe do not ever heal the underlying issue; instead, they mask the symptoms until our body heals itself—hence, it’s still a ‘practice.’

It’s no longer about health; it’s about wealth.

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most corrupt organizations in history. In his book, You Can Overcome Asthma, Ian Sinclair states that in 1972, a commission was set up by Chilean President, Salvador Allende, M.D., had reported that no more than two dozen drugs were actually effective. These doctors on the commission had proposed for a dramatic reduction in drugs purchased from the companies—mostly American. However, within a year, through the help of the CIA, Allende and these doctors were killed and replaced with a new regime. This is what happens when you refuse to play ball with the corporate elite.

Unfortunately, children don’t have to speak out against the corruption to be attacked by the elite-controlled pharmaceutical companies. Young children continue to be exploited, used as guinea pigs for drug testing. This is nothing short of child abuse. Many people who have spoken out against this abuse, including a handful of doctors, claim ‘bipolar disorder’ and ‘attention-deficit disorder’ to be wholly invented by psychiatrists with strong financial ties to drug companies. This can’t be ignored when toddlers are being prescribed Ritalin or Adderall for simply being normal toddlers. Also, for the record, there has been no scientific means to confirm a diagnosis for “bipolar disorder.”

Two good friends of mine had this happen to them at young ages, but fortunately had parents who’d seen what these drugs were doing and had them stop before serious neurological damage could be done. Parents today, however, are of a whole new breed. They are as gullible and naive as ever, listening to whatever their “doctor” tells them. Either that, or they want a quick-fix solution to what they believe is their child’s problem, when in most cases, it’s a result of irresponsibility and lack of parenting knowledge and skill.

However, “doctors” and psychiatrists do a great job at using fear to convince them what may happen to their kid if they don’t drug him/her. Most so-called mental disorders are merely the result of nutritional imbalances from consuming the genetically-modified foods parents feed them. Today, it’s become more than apparent that these genetically-modified foods are genetically-modifying us.

When will others wake up and realize how frequent our nation’s children are unnecessarily being drugged? Why aren’t lawmakers or the FDA demanding to put a stop to this chemical abuse of children? The answer is simple: Along with the mainstream media never covering stories like this, the doctors, hospitals, drug companies, psychiatrists, etc., are all profiting greatly from it. It’s no longer about health; it’s all about wealth.

When it comes to dramatically reducing the world’s population, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The corporate, globalist elite have even poisoned the most crucial molecule on Earth—the elixir of life.

(To Be Continued… )


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