NįGhTŁ¥ NøTïøN 8/13/20

      If you live or work in Los Angeles, where the city’s COVID-safety measures are in violation, you’d better make sure you hang a banner for in support of Black Lives Matter. 

      During a press conference on Wednesday night, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti had given authorization to the city to shut off power and water to properties, homes, and businesses that are in violation of “gathering regulations.”

      “By turning off that power, shutting off that water, we feel we can close those places down, which usually are not one-time offenders but multiple offenders,” stated Garcetti. 

      In response to a question of the legality of such extreme actions, Garcetti answered, “We know we can do this.”

      To a psychopath like Garcetti, this authorization seems just and practical with a supposed recent surge of confirmed cases—198,000 as of Wednesday, with 4,825 “COVID-deaths” (according to the mayor’s office).

      So, work or home gatherings of a hundred people or more, according to this logic, will result in the shutting down of your power and water, and the end of your business establishment; but, the gatherings of more than a hundred people on the streets of LA protesting for Black Lives Matter, receive no such ramifications whatsoever. 

      Was there no one in that press conference with a working brain? 

      Apparently not, since other states with cases on the rise are thinking about doing the same, such as New York. Governor Andrew Cuomo, of the Big Apple, has joined in on the action, giving local authorities the authorization to revoke business licenses of establishments that violate such “safety” regulations. 

      I swear, each day that movie Idiocracy seems to become more of a modern-day documentary than the fictional comedy it had tried to be back in 2006.