The Feminine ‘Mistake’

I don’t believe anyone in America could deny the blatant destruction of traditional values, especially within the family unit. First, husbands were having to work all day in order to financially support his family. Next, the price of living grew to the point where wives would have to work as well. Children were left either at home with grandma, a nanny, neighbor, or dropped off at day-care, until old enough for grade school. Kids being raised by anyone other than their mother and father do not grow up the same–most developing emotional disorders such as depression, anxiety, and many other psychological issues.
        It is no joke that divorce rates have been on the rise, due to domestic violence and fidelity. Had it not been for feminists and mainstream media, these rates would have been significantly lower. The media had us believe that 85 percent of men have engaged in premarital sex, and 30-45 percent of all husbands cheat on their wives. This information was presented by a libertine, sexual masochistic pornographer, Alfred Kinsey.
        Kinsey was known to have skewed his own statistics regularly by utilizing sex offenders ranging from pedophiles to prostitutes in his surveys. These were the type of people he’d used to gather those previous percentages. In actuality, only 22 percent of Americans within monogamous relationships–not just marriages–have cheated in their life. With married couples, the rate significantly drops to about 3-4 percent of spouses admitting to have cheated on each other during any given year.
        The skewed and exaggerated statistics given by Kinsey severely damaged traditional American society, with many believing the American Dream and family unit to be complete shams. This laid the groundwork for the sexual revolution we see today, with feminism at the helm.
        Betty Friedan, a politically-radical leftist and author of The Feminine Mystique, has continued to argue against basic biology by stating that women and men are essentially the same, with the exception of having different sets of genitals. If you have read her hate-mongering handbook, you know how truly sickening it can be, and how any sort of sympathy felt towards the angry, likely cheated-on, Friedan, becomes destroyed as she compares housewives to Holocaust victims lining up for their own deaths in concentration camps. She even refers to suburban homes as “comfortable concentration camps.”
        Does she not see the obvious oxymoron? Does she truly think every housewife is trapped within their own homes by their husbands and children? Did she not receive the memo that male and female brains, as well as hormones, are vastly different? I guess she was blinded by the lie.
        Friedan had founded the National Organization of Women (NOW) and the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws (NARAL Pro-Choice America). Her entire agenda was the remaking of modern marriage, taking away traditional sex roles and promoting abortion as a vital component of the new feminism.
        True feminism would recognize the differences between the two sexes while upholding the right of women to work in jobs for which they are qualified. I’d thought it was about choice–to be able to work in the workplace, be a housewife, join military forces, etc.–but instead, it goes way beyond all of this. Friedan, and many like her, want to force their own version of reality down Americans’ throats.
        In their version of reality, sex is no different from race; in fact, according to them, they’re the same. By leveling the sexes, disrupting the balanced polarity of male and female energies, mass confusion ensues. This had paved the road for the LGBT movement.
        Much like feminists, gay rights activists had initially made a good point: nobody should care about what people do in the privacy of their own bedrooms. Today, despite what mainstream media tells you, hardly anyone does care. But the gay agenda has moved well beyond the mere tolerance of private behavior to acceptance of what they do in public. However, it didn’t stop there; for, today they want to be praised and congratulated for “coming out,” as well as for the certifiable things they do in public. I’m not talking about mere public displays of affection either, but prancing down the middle of the street in ass-less chaps, all on the dime of taxpayers.
        Thankfully, this sort of charade can be avoided by steering clear of their “pride” marches. However, all year-round, American children are being rammed with homosexual education during their elementary years, which are crucial for development. So, when a boy begins to get curious about the other sex, instead of focusing on girls, he now questions whether he is gay or not. His instinct likes girls, but also likes to be with his male buddies. The issue is not being able to distinguish the difference between liking his friends and liking girls. As if a child doesn’t have enough on their plate as puberty hits, these people intentionally enhance more confusion and self-conscious thoughts and behavior.
        Like the feminist movement, the LGBT movement is based on a false premise: that homosexual behavior is the same as race. With this logic–behavior being inborn and genealogical–the racists of the world are right, in regards to populations with higher rates of crime being born that way. If all behavior were preordained by biology then the jail and prison systems would not exist, since nobody would be at fault for their behavior.
        The sexual politics of today’s America are devoid of reason, science, and logic; and instead are chock full of the coerced acceptance and appraisal of nonsense, where the mentally-ill are running the show.