NįGhTŁ¥ NøTïøN 8/19/20

More people seem to be dying from COVID, so they say and is also reported in their death certificate. Even when their deaths are due to an underlying condition they’d already had, if they’d tested positive for COVID—from a test that actually doesn’t test for COVID, but coronavirus, which nearly everyone has always had—their deaths are still labeled as “COVID-related.”

Some of the statistics reported have the death rate at 80-90% once a patient with “COVID” goes on a ventilator.  It seems then that the true death sentence for “COVID” is from the ventilators by either giving the patient too much oxygen or from improper intubation (inserting a tube into the larynx). Therefore, much of the death rate data reported is a result of the mismanagement of patients who are on COVID units. 

Infected patients seem to be treated much different than a regular patient, and many procedures are withheld simply because of a “COVID” diagnosis.  In other words, many patients are allowed to just die because the doctors are scared to order procedures that might expose anyone else to COVID.  Physicians are now primarily interacting with the hospital staff through video conference and not truly evaluating their patients in person due to this irrational fear. Neglect and inappropriate medical care appear to be the main reason for someone on a COVID unit to die. 

This could only be a result of the mindset and attitudes hospital staffs have been subject to and ingrained in great depth through our media.  Even if you look at this “pandemic” as a true deadly disease, the death rate of less than 1% certainly does not justify the worldwide excessive response. However, when the death rates began to drop, the number of positive cases took the forefront of the news. 

I guess if you can’t scare people with death rates, you scare them with different data.  

I believe the reason we have so many new cases is due to the excessive amount of testing that is being done. A test that doesn’t even test for “COVID,” because “COVID” is nothing but the common flu.

Stop getting tested for something that does not exist! You now have more of a chance of dying from going to the hospital than staying at home, which is what you’re supposed to be doing if you’re sick.