Their 16-Year Plan Had Failed

I’m still not convinced Covid was anything other than the common flu, but it’s irrelevant now—the damage has been done and still continues unfortunately. Either way, whether it be Ebola, SARS, or Covid, it was part of their 16-year plan (of a much larger one) to put the final nails in the coffin of a free and just America.

It was supposed to be eight years of Obama followed by eight years of Hillary to destroy the economy, eliminate the Electoral College, decimate the military, and take away the Second Amendment. Not to mention, clean house of any men and women of high moral character in government; population control and reduction implemented worldwide (using medicines and food/ water additives to poison us, vaccinations Here, aided by the transgender movement, and widespread androgyny); borders opened; the government controlling the media, silencing the opposition; the Supreme Court seated with globalists; all culminating with World War III.

On a more lighter and quite laughable note, in December 2017, Trump’s Executive Order had declared a national emergency due to the “unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the US.” It allowed the confiscation of property of persons involved in serious human rights abuse or corruption. A second Executive Order on March 1, 2018, granted the federal government the right to prosecute treason by civilians via military tribunals (The good thing about military trials is they bypass any corruption within the civil court system).

With these orders, the president can use the military however he wants and deploy the US military on US soil. The military detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, has also been enlarged and improved to fit the thousands of corrupt, evil celebrities/politicians/elitists who’ve all been served indictments for their involvement in human/child trafficking (among other things).

The funny thing is Barack Obama had signed an executive order on July 6, 2012, granting the president absolute power and control over all US media—including Facebook, Twitter, and others—in the event of a national crisis, and updated the Communications Act of 1934, dissolving the National Communications System, establishing an executive committee in its place, and placing it under Homeland Security. They really were convinced that it would have been Hillary executing Trump’s order.