Beatlemania: A Social Experiment

With the chaos of today, talks of being on the verge of the Apocalypse come with the territory. Whether or not this is true, during such times, many things of our past that have been kept secret find their way to the light. Much of what’s been uncovered are links between powerful, political people and celebrities with human and child trafficking—nearly all being connected to Satanism or Luciferian worship and rituals.
We know of the “satanic panic” in the ’80s, with the McMartin preschool trials where a daycare was investigated for allegations of sexual abuse and Satanism. Lasting eight years, there were no convictions and all charges were dropped. What the media failed to mention were the underground tunnels that linked the preschool to six other ones in the area. But this wasn’t the first time Satanism had made it into the mainstream psyche.
Occultism was a major influence on rock music, especially in the ’60s, which was directly attributed to Aleister Crowley. During this period, Crowley’s books became very popular among California’s subcultures, particularly within Hollywood and San Francisco.
Under the immediate influence of Crowley, Anton LaVey and Kenneth Anger founded the Church of Satan, which attracted many famous directors and actors, such as Roman Polanski, Sammy Davis, Jr., and Jane Mansfield, who all were members of this church. Crowley’s writing also inspired Charles Manson’s “Final Church,” whose members killed eight people. After this period, rock music increasingly moved towards Satanism.
In a 1985 interview with the newspaper New Solidarity, Ben Aaron, at the time the third highest member of the Church of Satan, said that it was thanks to his church that bands like Blue Oyster Cult, The Who, Ozzy Osbourne and many others emerged. Heavy metal came from “hard rock”, and the Satanic genres became known as “death metal”, “doom metal” and “black metal”. They not only proclaimed themselves Satanists through their appearance and onstage performances, but also had Satanic symbols on album artwork, on stage, and on tickets to their shows.
Many heavy metal acts nowadays incorporate a horror show into their concerts, decorating the stage as execution and torture chambers. During those concerts, they throw flesh, skulls and fake blood about. These days, the visitors of virtually all heavy metal concerts are encouraged to kill in the name of Satan. But very few people know that all of this had begun with the mania of the biggest band in the world—the Beatles.
The Beatle phenomenon was carefully planned by the CIA’s Nazi-influenced secret program in order to spread a very destructive element among the global masses: the possibility to change a person against their will.
In 1962, John Lennon told Tony Sheridan in the Hamburg Star Club: “I am certain that the Beatles will be very successful, because I have sold my soul to Satan…”
Shortly after, the Beatles were asked to record for the EMI label, one of Europe’s major music producers. At the time, the Beatles could not read a single note, and could only play the guitar. Theodor Adorno wrote their lyrics and music, which was kept secret from the outside world.
Adorno was one of the earliest leaders of the Frankfurt School. In 1950, he reorganized and “de-Nazified” the post-war German educational system and cultural institutions. This project was known as the Congress for Cultural Freedom (CCF). He also was co-director of the “Authoritarian Personality Project” that willfully engineered the Baby Boomer drug/rock/sex counter culture.
Few people know that the Beatles were part of a mass experiment by the Tavistock Institute for Human Relations in London. This institute had groomed the Beatles day and night nonstop until everything (lies and all) about them was accepted as truth, before bringing them to America as part of a social experiment.
Next, a certain population group would be brainwashed without anybody ever finding out, and the brainwashing would involve a very powerful psychotropic drug called LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide). For more on this, look into the CIA’s MKUltra.
When the Beatles arrived for the first time in America in 1964, the airport was filled with young girls and media outlets reporting the outbreak of “Beatlemania.” These girls had been brought to the airport from the Bronx by employees of the Tavistock Institute (the promotional team) and were paid to scream hysterically. Nobody could suspect what disastrous consequences would result from this Beatlemania.
Nobody would even know or have heard of the Beatles if every effort had not been made to get the media’s attention. Ed Sullivan and American Bandstand were responsible for creating an audience that would change the world, but only because Ed—having studied at the Tavistock Institute—had been hired by this secret elite group—also widely known as the Illuminati.
As mentioned before, the music of the Beatles was written by Theo Adorno, and was based on music from the Dionysius Cult or that of the Baal Priesthood. Adorno simply added a modern sound to the music. The launch of the Beatles was accompanied by a careful selection of words and phrases that had been composed by the Tavistock Institute. The word “rock” was related to music, and the words “teenager”, “cool”, “discovered” and “pop music” were codes representing the acceptance of drugs. These words followed the Beatles everywhere they were “discovered” by “teenagers”. There is no doubt that the word “teenager” only became popular with the Beatles and the hearty greetings of the Tavistock Institute.
Since the code words were linked to the music, fans of the music started to use them more and more. The words created a new generation that began identifying itself more as amoral youngsters, who were being manipulated and conditioned to believe that the Beatles were their idols. All these code words were used to gain control of this target group of the American youth.
After the Beatles “conquered” the world, more code words were added. The media addressed the “Beatle generation” and the Tavistock Institute introduced the terms “Beatniks”, “Hippies” and “Flower Power”. Additionally, it became fashionable to wear dirty jeans, and have long, dirty, unwashed hair. The new lifestyle was enveloped by millions of youngsters, leading to a veritable revolution. Other generations could do nothing about it. They were unable to trace the origins of this movement of drugs and other negative effects in order to stop it.
It is common knowledge that many Beatles songs contain hidden messages that can only be heard when they are played backwards. The song “Revolution nr 9”, for instance, when played backwards contains the message “Start smoking marijuana now.” Backwards messages were based on the instructions of Aleister Crowley. He gave his followers the following instructions:

Learn to read BACKWARDS
Learn to think BACKWARDS
Learn to write BACKWARDS
Learn to listen BACKWARDS
Learn to speak BACKWARDS

(Now, look at our backwards world today.)
Backwards messages first appeared in recordings in the 1960s, are transmitted directly to the subconscious of the listener.[ 499] However, these recordings were not discovered until the 1970s. Incorporating such messages into recordings is relatively easy in any professional sound studio.
Shortly before his death, John Lennon was interviewed by Playboy Magazine, in which he commented that drugs like LSD, heroin, cocaine and other hard drugs had been distributed deliberately to create social chaos and, ultimately, to destroy civilization:
“We have to thank the CIA and the army that LSD exists and can be bought. They used LSD to be able to control people. They gave us that freedom. Look at what the government has to say about this.”
As earlier stated, the Beatles were part of a mass experiment by the CIA, Britain’s MI6 and the Tavistock Institute. John Lennon had opened Pandora’s Box and had become aware of the global impact of the Beatles phenomenon. He knew that the Beatles were, to a large extent, the result of a detailed social experiment that resulted in the worldwide distribution of drugs.
John Lennon was aware of the fact that the Beatles were subjected to a mind control that ended in drug use and dependency for some of the band’s members. He also claimed that he knew the phenomenon labeled “Beatlemania” was merely one aspect of a large global conspiracy of social manipulation and experiments. Better than any other member of the Beatles, he knew of this corruption and infiltration by the Secret Service in this Hippie culture from which rock music emerged.
Finally, he was once one of the major guns in the arsenal of the CIA/ MI6/ Tavistock conspiracy, therefore posing a threat to the entire operation. Then, on December 8, 1980, John Lennon was murdered by the programmed Delta-Monarch slave Mark David Chapman.
John Lennon, the most politically engaged rock star of his generation, was shot to death in front of the building where his penthouse was located. This secretive building overlooks New York’s Central Park, and was the building used for the movie ‘Rosemary’s Baby,’ after the famous novel by Ira Levin. The novel was about the birth of the Antichrist in a New York apartment, which later became a movie directed by Roman Polansky.
The murderer of John Lennon was nothing more than an obedient and programmed Monarch slave controlled by the Illuminati, who claimed he had heard voices from the devil. He immediately admitted his guilt, which prevented the case from going to trial. This is typically what happens with these kinds of murders: An immediate confession resulting in no trial. Case closed! And no one will be the wiser regarding the actual event that took place.
The human mind is strong; in that, Lennon wasn’t the only one that had stood up to the Illuminati. Other musicians like Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix and others had taken their own measures against the programming and surveillance by this elite group. When secrets do come out, like John Lennon’s Playboy interview, these musicians were killed immediately. Many allegedly died of a drug overdose: Brian Jones, Mama Cass, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Tim Buckley, to name a few.
When Hendrix and Joplin died, Jim Morrison’s manager said that he might well be next. And he was right; Jim Morrison died of a heart attack in his bathtub. It is very likely that these musicians became too dangerous for the Illuminati and they were murdered when they were able to remember their lives before they were programmed.
(To Be Continued… maybe)