Socialism: A Failed Idea and “Newly”-Adopted Trend

Back in 1949, a survey was taken by American citizens on what their idea of what the term “socialism” meant. The same survey was given to citizens in 2018, but the answers given were comparatively different.

In 1949, about 40% of Americans saw socialism as the complete government ownership of the means of production, while in 2018, that percentage was literally cut in half. That percentage believed socialism connotes equality for everyone. There were also smaller percentages in 2018 that understood it as a provision of benefits and social services, a modified form of communism, or a conception of people being social and getting along with one another. This is socialism, not a kumbaya, hippie, drum circle. Then the rest, a quarter of Americans, couldn’t even give a fucking answer.

With those who were able to give an answer, the modern belief of what socialism is, seems like Americans have mistaken it for what might be considered a more standard form of liberalism. I know IQ test scores have dropped tremendously with each new generation, but goddamn, this should be common knowledge. So, what happened?

I’ll give you five reasons:

—The Great Recession of 2008
—Environmental Issues/Climate Change
—Trump’s Presidential Election
—Bernie Sanders
—The 200% Rise in College/University Tuitions, Putting Students in Major Debt

      Other than the hatred of Trump and the sudden love for Sanders, the appeal seems to be within creating an alternative economic structure, while somehow simultaneously saving the world by “fixing” climate change—an idea proposed and pushed by an autistic child, who was coaxed by her environmentalist parents.

      Today, socialism has taken on other causes to gain more supporters by adopting feminism, transgenderism, and progressivism. From those I have talked to, who consider themselves as “socialist” or “marxist,” the majority saw it as a means of equality for everyone, where wealth is distributed, and the tyranny of a totalitarian government is abolished.

      Many were not happy with what I had to say about what socialism really is…
      It would begin with a cooperative economy much like that of communism, where laborers and workers manage the companies and determine the salary levels. Their will be more use of computers and cybernetics to help manage the allocation of economic inputs in a form of decentralized planning. These workers and laborers will be compensated purely based on their sacrifice and effort, so those engaged in uncomfortable and dangerous labor are eligible to receive the highest incomes. But don’t get your hopes up…

      Along with production and distribution factories and agencies, transportation and communication agencies will also be owned by the state and government departments known as Central Planning authorities. These central authorities and state-owned enterprises will be the ones to make decisions regarding the production of goods and services, as well as their consumers. In other words, a totalitarian oligarchy—which always ends up being tyrannical—will determine the correct job for you, which cannot be changed.

      The freedoms we have and take for granted will be taken away from us, including the freedom to buy whatever we want, because customers will have to select from what is available—also determined by this central planning authority. The only motivation to work hard would be through the fear of losing your job and punishment by higher authorities.

      Many believe we will become a classless society with socialism, which is true in a way, but not exactly. There will be two and only two classes, the lower and upper classes, or state-owned central planning authorities.

      So other than wealth being distributed equally (the small amount they give), the state providing free education and health care (whatever limited, halfass deal they decide to give us), and all member of society being considered equal (equal like how prisoners are treated equal)—which don’t sound like a very good tradeoff for capitalism—why is socialism even being considered as a better alternative?

      Have we not learned from the 25 countries that had adopted communist/socialist societies and had rapidly failed? Two major examples that everyone should know are the Soviet Union which had collapsed in 1991 and Nazi Germany (which really had just been put on hiatus while we secretly transferred them to the US). The only reason China hasn’t seen a collapse is because of a revised economic system that included elements of capitalism.
      Does abolishing our capitalist society and replacing it with one of socialism sound like a good idea now?