Democratic Socialism

In the world of American politics, many Democrats label themselves as progressives, while very few say socialist. However, in today’s world, they are one and the same, as in progressive is to push, as socialist is to shove. The Democratic party has become the socialist party, complete with its own agenda, or blueprint for how things are to go down.

First, an expansion of Obamacare to a national healthcare system with the government as the single payer. This is being packaged and sold to American citizens as Medicare for All. Every democratic candidate had touched on this, claiming it would also be provided to illegal aliens. What they didn’t touch on were what their healthcare would provide and how limited it will be.

Second, an expansion of minimum wage, unemployment insurance and the earned income tax credit to provide all Americans with a Universal Basic Income. This is a no-brainer, coinciding with credit card debt to force every citizen to be completely dependent on the government.

Third, free college and education for all!—with every Democratic candidate one-upping the other with promise after promise of forgiving larger portions of student debt. This was to gain the attention and support of young adults pursuing an education. They promise free education but leave out what kind of education will be provided, and how limited it will be, as per usual.

Fourth, the environmental policies of the Green New Deal, which comes wrapped up in a neat, little apocalyptic package, and which they initially had presented to the world by the future of humanity—children (an Autistic one at that, who sadly was being used not only by these socialists but by her own parents).

The alarmism is necessary when it comes to global warming and climate change; otherwise, it would seem like a big joke—which it really is. Fracking was a big topic among the candidates in which all of them, particularly Elixabeth Warren, were going to extensively ban, even though fracking has been proven to be critical to America’s energy independence.

I find it rather odd that these politicians who warn of coastal cities’ (such as Miami) days being numbered as a result of rising sea levels due to global warming, yet purchase property, not only along the coastline but right on top of the Atlantic Ocean. As is the case with Obama recently acquiring property in Martha’s Vineyard for nearly $12 million.

The environmental concerns, with climate change and global warming, are nothing more than a ruse for changing the economy and to further push the public towards socialist support. Such ideas are hatched in American think tanks, which are groups of individuals who are paid to sit around and think of ways of deceiving the masses into supporting whatever agenda desired by those who fund them. In this case, the Democratic Socialists of America, or DSA.

They are also responsible for many false flag events throughout history, including the fake pandemic known as Covid-19. This was used to implement many different things, but mainly to shut down the economy and to see just how far citizens can be pushed.

Social movements of today, such as LGBT, Transgender, Feminism, and Black Lives Matter, were all founded and led by Neo-Marxists/Socialists, and funded by the DSA. All of this is in an attempt to reengineer society.

Thanks to the internet, social media, and the dumbing-down of citizens through Big Pharma and GMOs, people have been conditioned into becoming entitled, ego-inflated narcissists. With this entitlement mentality, Democrats claim that we “has the right to a job, to an education, to a dignified home, to a dignified retirement, and a right to healthcare.”

Behind this banner of entitlement, lies modern socialism. It’s a classic version of the Wizard of Oz illusion—being led down a yellow-brick road, like a carrot on a stick, that claims we are entitled to this and that, only to be fooled into a trap and discovering the truth of what lies at the end of the rainbow: Socialism.