A Tough Pill to Swallow

Let me ask you something

Has your memory been foggy lately?

Take a look at the amount of time you spend on your phone or computer, watching TV, and if prescribed medication, what you take and how much.

All of these have a drastic effect on our cognitive abilities. Our memory is responsible for helping us make decisions and solve problems based on our past experiences.

If people can’t clearly remember things from the past, they become horrible problem solvers and will repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Which is the definition of insanity.

With genetically-modified foods, fluoridated water, prescription drugs handed out like Halloween candy, higher mercury counts in the air, and various waves of frequencies being blasted at us all the time, Americans and other western countries are being dumbed-down to either accept or simply not care about the incredible amount of corruption that wealthy elites are getting away with everyday.

In golf, the low handicapped, or better players, give the less capable players free strokes to even-up the game. It’s called a handicap.

Our population has been mentally handicapped by those corporate elitists using the methods mentioned above, as well as one more huge contributor, to the point that working-aged adults are now completely baffled by simple tasks such as making change at a cash register.

Rather than making it an even-matched game, we, the “less capable,” are forced to give free strokes to the wealthy via accounting tricks and tax shelters that allow them to abstain from the process, while voting Democrat and claiming to be for the poor and oppressed.

In America, the honest get cheated, while the cheaters don’t just win, but are cheered on by incompetent, medicated fools.

Years of unnecessarily prescribed medications and frequent TV watching are responsible for the rapid slowing down of brain development. Television is merely a medium to send messages meant to cause fear, distraction, and control. Television is meant to “tell-lies-(to our)-vision.”

The mind of the average American has been dumbed-down enough to either not be aware of this sort of corrupted manipulation or tolerate it without the desire to do anything about it.

Those aware of it tend to self-medicate with alcohol and drugs (legal and illegal), in order to tolerate the retarded logic on TV and the brainless majority that surround them everyday.

The human brain is a biological computer, bio meaning living, and logical meaning using logic. Our brains operate using the logic and rules that have been programmed into us throughout our lives.

TV, what they call television and what I call Training Videos, has been conditioning our belief systems since the first televised program was broadcasted in 1928—before that, it was all radio.

We’re trained to believe that if we do this, then that happens, with repetitive behaviors seen on TV that become absorbed by our subconscious which controls 95% of our behaviors.

If we spend hours a day watching sociopaths on TV, we eventually mimic their behaviors.

Monkey see, monkey do.

We’ve unintentionally and subconsciously become a country of sexually confused narcissists.

This use of repetition has been used by wealthy elites for quite some time, and is also a tool used by parents. It’s as simple as continuously telling your child that they must make good grades in school to get into a good college so they can have a good job to make for a good life.

The statement is wildly untrue, but these parents do have good intentions.

Yet, with the father taken out of the equation to go to work, as well as the mother, now thanks to feminism, in order for her to feel empowered, the child is left in the hands of the government. Whether it be through televised programming or daycare centers, children don’t receive the unconditional love they require, thus, growing up with self-esteem issues that develop into the narcissistic “victims” who are incapable of becoming self-sufficient adults.

Antidepressants and benzodiazepines (or anti-anxiety meds) are being overprescribed by money-hungry doctors, making people confident when there’s nothing legitimate to feel confident about, and apathetic to things that need concern.

Aside from the some 10 percent of Americans that have documented chemical imbalances, everyone else is full of shit, and lazy. If you aren’t already diagnosed by your early 20s with a legitimate mental illness or disorder, then you are likely one of these Americans who have been sold out by their doctors.

Feeling nothing while your spouse or job treats you like shit only further enhances a victim mentality.

Once you’re addicted, you lack the capacity to give a shit while being abused by others. Instead of doing something about it, you join together with other “victims” at pity-parties and talk about how hard your life is and how much you love government handouts.

The mentally handicapped are given government checks because, well, they need it. With government handouts, social security checks, welfare, and stimulus checks, those that are incapable of being self-sufficient are also incapable of how all of this makes them totally dependent on the government.

It’s no wonder they want a socialist “nanny” state.

Long-term handouts incentivize a victim mentality. Those who provide for you today will always demand something bigger in return tomorrow.

As a retired addict, trust me when I say that feeling nothing at all is much worse than experiencing the non-drug-induced ups and downs of being alive.

All of it is a tough pill to swallow. It’s scary to think that those who are supposed to protect you don’t really have your best interest at heart. That’s why we see more deniers and “debunkers”— CIA programs from a Project Mockingbird—living with a false sense of security that is ignorance is bliss.

Sure, it’s easier. But when has the truth ever been easy?

Life isn’t supposed to be easy.

We grow as humans by dealing with conflict or trauma, and learning from it. But we have become so dumbed-down and lazy, wanting instant gratification and life to be easy that we don’t learn from conflict.

Instead, many wallow in their own self-created misery. It becomes self-created when you choose not to do anything about it.

It’s time for that to change.

Just because we see our peers doing something, doesn’t mean we must follow suit or participate.

The more we stop participating, the more we destroy the very foundation that these corporate elites stand upon.