Nightly Notion

I’m so fucking sick of this Covid bullshit. My brother can’t be here for Xmas because, like you zombified sheeple, he has been led to believe he has Covid after a test that doesn’t test for anything, said he has coronavirus. He claims that he’s fine and what he has is nothing more than having bad allergies. Makes sense since there is no fucking virus.

You people need to wake the fuck up out of your subservient state of doing whatever you’re told and take your heads out of your asses cuz you’re all acting like a bunch of scared little turtles.

What kind of Americans are you?

What makes us strong is our pride and rebellious nature that led the Fathers of this country to stand up against the tyranny of a fucking empire! Yet, here we are, over two hundred years later, as terrified infants who can’t be comfortable without their precious safe space. Take your balls out of your purses and fucking do something about the extremity of lies and corruption that occurs right in front of our faces.

All of our freedoms are rapidly becoming exterminated. And thanks to the Biden supporters, we will see them become deleted much quicker.

You liberals, and even some of you conservatives, are destroying everything we have. This country will never, ever be the same again, thanks to your ignorance. So give yourselves a big pat on the back. But not too hard, you don’t want to strain yourself and have to make an appointment to see your bullshit new age Dr. Hamalaka Durkka Durr, who is just scamming your dumbass.