This is Great!

In perhaps the most in-depth polling on the topic of mRNA vaccines, a new nationwide poll of 1,000 U.S. adults, conducted by John Zogby Strategies, continues to show a large portion of the public has concerns over mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines.

When asked whether they’ll take the first-time mRNA vaccine, a total of 55% prefer to either “wait and see if it negatively affects other people who get it” (39%) or “don’t want to take this new mRNA COVID-19 vaccine” (16%). Thirty percent report they “will take the mRNA vaccine as soon as it is available.”

Looking more closely at those choosing not to get the vaccine: 67% are fearful of side effects. A similar October 2020 poll showed that 59% were afraid of side effects, a growth of 8% points. In this same group, 39% are concerned because vaccine makers have liability protection.

These numbers show millions of Americans are afraid or uncertain about future effects of this next-generation vaccine,” Pollster Jeremy Zogby said. “How will the CDC and FDA deal with this deeply rooted sentiment? In any event, they’ll have to deal with the reality that fear/hesitancy is intense.”

This is awesome. Not everyone is as blind as we thought.

There is also a number of sites that claim to answer your questions regarding the Covid vaccine. The answers were appalling.

After reading the answers to such questions, some I haven’t heard or seen anyone asking, it appeared that there was never enough information from whatever clinical trials were said to have been done.

Dr. Michael Gardam of Toronto, answered, “… for now, getting vaccinated doesn’t automatically mean that you couldn’t potentially pass Covid-19 to someone else.” (??) Then what is the point?

Astra-Zeneca’s case study was too small to draw conclusions?

Moderna plans on checking if Covid-19 vaccine prevents more than just symptomatic infection?

And trials did not include people with certain medical conditions?

Are you fucking kidding me? In today’s world, thanks to our supposed “doctors,” nearly everyone has been diagnosed with a medical condition of some kind. And say this is an absurd exaggeration on my part, why wouldn’t trials be done including those with medical conditions? Is it that within the short period of trials (if there were any) it wouldn’t have been beneficial to these companies had someone died as a result?

It also claimed that Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines contain only genetic material and nothing live, such as live viruses; yet, it claims to include antigens? According to the Encyclopedia of Immunology, 2nd Ed., fungi are a type of antigen, as well as tissue. I’m not saying these two are in vaccines, but both are indeed living organisms. If only genetic material is included, then what the hell do these vaccines do exactly?

I’m aware of the fact that “fact-checkers” have been created to debunk what is now deemed as a “misled” statement by the PCR Test developer, Kary Mullis, but it turns out that they themselves need to be fact-checked, since the test still doesn’t test for viruses and infections. But let’s say it did, the PCR test also amplifies the “viral” material up to 45x, or just enough to be labeled as “Covid-19.” Why does it need to be amplified?

Since when did the hippocratic oath become an upholding based on wealth over health?

I guess this is why doctors aren’t considered experts in their field, but merely practitioners.