Nightly Notion 01-08-21

So, Twitter has permanently deleted President Trump’s account based on his reaction to his supposed supporters “storming” the Capital building, for stating how he will not attend Biden’s inauguration ceremony, and for whatever of his tweets that the left deem politically incorrect, racist, yadda yadda yadda. Celebrities are doing what they do, going along with what they’re told to do by celebrating, stating “it’s about time!”

It’s about time for what? For our freedom of speech to be blatantly taken away? There have been so many truly racist, homophobic posts tweeted and retweeted by many people, including celebrities; yet, their accounts are still intact.

This may be a bad thing for Trump, in that his primary way of communicating to the public has been taken away, but is it really? Twitter was made for the purpose of creating conflict, giving a mic and podium to anyone with an opinion—no matter how ignorant and unoriginal it may be. In fact, these posts seem to be favored, since it was all I’d seen each time I had joined but was kicked off for a single post stating actual flu statistics back in April ’20.

And this is what Twitter is continuing to do in rapid pace today: permanently deleting those who speak the truth or ill of anyone or anything the democratic left supports. They are calling those involved in the storming of the capital building on Wednesday “terrorists.” Yet, what happened doesn’t even compare to the extreme violence, racism, and destruction that still continues in the name of Black Lives Matter. Where were the repercussions and “terrorist”-shaming then?

This is outrageous! And the fact that Democrats refuse to see this blatant hypocrisy and corruption shows just how blind, obedient little sheeple they truly are.

‘Wait, they’re taking away our rights as Americans? Well, that’s okay so long as Trump and his supporters are off Twitter..’

Fucking madness.

In my opinion, people getting kicked off Twitter is a good thing. I hope all Trump supporters are kicked off all main social media outlets. The further away we can get from the toxicity of social media, the better. In the long run, if democrats and pro-left celebrities remain on social media outlets, at least those who are not will know how to make think for themselves, make real connections with people and how to socialize without hiding behind a digital façade.