No Gay Gene, But a Potential Cure for the Mental Illness

So, what the hell is happening in the world, particularly with these psychologically damaged people who are marrying, or want to marry, someone (or something) other than their significant other? For example, a man was able to marry his adopted stepson, men and women falling in love with sex robots and even their “smart” devices, or three gay men marrying each other.

When there’s rampant social crises to the extreme that we see today, it has a direct effect on individuals—especially those suffering from low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and other psychological issues—causing a crisis of the identity.

Western civilization has been in a social crisis for the last hundred years, gradually getting worse with each generation. This is just one of the reasons why we have seen a dramatic increase in mental disorders such as homosexuality and transgenderism.

What used to be a pretty decent channel full of alternative rock music, MTV now seldom plays music and instead has become one of the biggest outlets for the LGBT agenda. This social movement was infiltrated long ago—more info can be found HERE (LGBT Agenda).

Even if kids and adolescents are smart, choosing to stay away from such atrocities like MTV, they are still indoctrinated within schools at young ages. They are taught to believe that it is okay to have sexual relations with anyone of any sex and of any age. So, when little Johnny comes home and tells his young, progressive parents that he feels like he was born in the wrong body and wants to change his name to Jamie, rather than his parents thinking it to merely be a phase he will grow out of, many parents believe they are being supportive by buying into their own child’s delusion, offering hormone treatment. Some have even declared they would be willing to put their child under the knife, surgically mutilating their pre-pubescent genitals forever. All in the name of what is appallingly termed as “progress.”

What I can’t seem to grasp is, if someone tells their doctor that they feel like they were born with, say, the wrong hands, and wanted new ones, a doctor would recommend psychological therapy; yet, when it comes to sexual organs, suddenly everything is okay to permanently alter?

Recent studies have shown that one out of three people during hormone treatment therapy began an attraction toward the sex opposite of the hormone they were taking. Please tell me if I am wrong, but wouldn’t that mean hormone treatment could possibly “fix” someone who is homosexual and wanted to be straight?

So, why don’t we see any research or study on this? Well, it’s quite simple: We live within a society that has become ill with the disease of political correctness. If such research was to be done, it would insinuate that scientists still believe that homosexuality is a mental disorder or illness, rather than the claimed congenital trait it stands to be within the “woke” majority.

With the western world’s pipe dream of progress and egalitarianism, these scientists would be crucified by each letter of the ignorant and severely confused LGBT alphabet. And thus, no consideration to such study to help those who are truly suffering will be had—much less funded.

As if the ruling elitists would let said research to be done. They have been behind each and every social crises for at least the past 200 hundred years—infiltrating each social movement to influence and guide them towards their own benefit. They want the polarity between man and woman to not just be unbalanced, but taken out completely, resulting in more depression and paychological issues—especially suicide.

Keeping the masses confused keeps them distracted, as well as looking outside of themselves for answers. And who claims to have the answers, or at least funds those who do?

That’s right, the extremely wealthy, corporate globalist elite.