Maybe this is the end…

If you’re having a good day or night, then I don’t recommend reading this post. It sickens me to the core how much people have been brainwashed into believing this collectivist mindset is “progress.” If this is the direction western society is headed, then I’m not going to be here for much longer. Congratulations America, you’ve destroyed what little humanity we had left.

An eighteen-year-old actually sells out her own mother, aunt, and uncle on Twitter for being at the Capitol building protest. And after she publicly lists her family’s names as domestic terrorists, she makes a GoFundMe page so other brainwashed robots like her can, not only justify the insensitiveness, but pay for her college—which has already reached $60,000, halfway to her goal.

See for yourself, but if you’re already pissed off then stay away from the donator’s comments.

GoFundMe Page

Based on her Twitter posts, she was being another angry teenager (she has a long way to go before she would be considered an adult in my book), upset because her parents wouldn’t let her protest for Black Lives Matter on account of it being too dangerous. What many don’t know, such as this lost child, or have forgotten was just how violent the continued “protest,” aka RIOTS, of BLM were compared to one mishap at the capitol. As a retaliation to her parents being concerned for her safety—and not financing her own college tuition since she’s never heard of financial aid—she decides to ruin their lives forever. Publicly.

Now, maybe if she had abusive parents who mentally and physically beat the piss out of her, I would say, “Well, good for her.” And maybe that is the case. And maybe you’d think someone would add that to the post, rather than calling your own mother a “liberal lesbian.” (That’s ice cold in my book.)

I was raised Catholic, but eventually grew up. I believe the Bible is full of good life lessons found in rewritten parables meant for children. But with many people believing we are living in the end times, the Book of Revelation is impossible to ignore. Same goes for the many fictional books and movies that can be seen as prophetic blueprints for our modern times—predictive programming.

Matthew 10:21 states that “children will rebel against their own parents and have them put to death.”

This Helena Duke from Southbridge, Massachusetts feels like she did the right thing. According to this, it was to avoid the feeling of guilt that motivated her decision to rat-out her own flesh and blood. This girl doesn’t need college, but a swift kick in the ass, which is exactly what she will get once she ultimately realizes the amount of betrayal and harm she has done to her family and herself.

If this isn’t another left-wing hoax, and stories are true, Helena has not only contributed to the destruction of the family unit, but helped to usher in the end times for humanity.

The conspirator in me wants to believe this was a whole ruse done by the family to get people to pay for her college, which would be genius. Unfortunately, the realist in me knows that no liberal lesbian family from Massachusetts could be that clever, especially if they’re at a Trump rally.

“I think it was definitely so hypocritical of her to end up kicking me out of the house for going to peaceful (BLM) protests because she assumed they’d be violent, and then end up going to this…”

This can’t be real…