Elite’s Endgame (my theory)

This is part three of my 5-part Eugenics Series, but I believe it provides the best context for my theory as to what the global elite’s endgame may be…

Today, many people aren’t even aware of eugenics, and those who are, know it merely as a disturbing thing of the past. The same goes for the mind control operations of the 60s, such as MK-ULTRA and its many umbrellaed programs. However, both still occur today under different names or disguised behind organizational fronts. The CIA’s mind control program had gone through many different names, including Operation Midnight Climax, Projects Bluebird and Artichoke, as well as the disturbing Project Monarch—but now operate using fronts, such as the Society for the Investigation of Human Ecology.

Survived victims who’d claimed to be involuntary participants of MK-ULTRA programs like Monarch were initially ignored, until the Watergate scandal in 1973. Investigators had found a small number of documents mentioning MK-ULTRA, which had proved that it was a real CIA project, but it wasn’t until the 1977 Freedom of Information Act that uncovered 20,000 documents pertaining to the mind control project. CIA Director, Richard Helms had ordered all MK documents to be destroyed during the Watergate scandal. The newly recovered documents became available when declassified in July 2001 and in December 2018, regarding remote control and brain implants.

None of this would have been occurring within the US had it not been for the Nazi scientists brought over from Operation Paperclip; yet, the Nazi belief in being a “pure” race wouldn’t have been without the Eugenics movement in the US. The word “eugenics” isn’t well known today. The closest you’ll find would be in a men’s advertisement for testosterone supplements called “Nugenix.” That one is far too close for comfort with its blatancy, and further shows how they throw it right in our faces, yet still people have no idea.

A more widely known term today is “depopulation”—or reducing the population. Still, many believe it to be nothing more than a conspiracy theory. I’ll speak on conspiracy theories and theorists in this post, but first one should familiar with the Georgia Guidestones and the mystery behind who had funded their creation, which can be found here: https://thetvtraveler.com/visiting-the-georgia-guidestones/

I only focus on the first two “guidelines” inscribed on the stones, though. Now, keep in mind, these are thought to be reasonable and rational suggestions for developing a peaceful and just world.

Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

Now, if this is to be a rational suggestion for developing a peaceful and just world, how could it be done without some kind of catastrophe occurring? Without a global natural disaster, to see the world reduced to only a half-billion people would have to occur from something man made. Before we get into the obvious, let’s look at how the next “suggestion” relates to the last.

Guide reproduction wisely–improving fitness and diversity.

Not only do we have an agenda of reducing the population by 75 percent, we now have a clear link to the supposed “thing of the past”–the eugenics movement–but with one thing added: diversity.

Globalization has been occurring on a large-scale since the 1820s, but cultural and economical connections didn’t take off until the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The term ‘globalization’ is a fairly recent one in comparison, not established until the 1970s. There are four main aspects to it–trade, capital, immigration, and the spread of knowledge–according to Wikipedia. I believe they have left out a more significant aspect: it’s use for creating conflict among people with differing cultural, economical, and political beliefs.

Yes, globalization has brought people with different backgrounds together, making every country a soup bowl of diversity. However, along with variety and multiformity, diversity is also defined as “a state of being different; unlikeness.” I don’t think a history lesson is needed to know that difference typically leads to conflict, so I’ll spare you that. But who or what would be better to deal with a multicultural conflict? You guessed it, a one-world government, better known as the New World Order.

Before your mind begins to shut down this information, labeling it as a mere conspiracy theory, please here this out:

“It already appears that a global government is inevitable, maybe even desired by some, but it’s nothing new. World domination has been the main focus among men since before Alexander the Great–the only difference being a lack of subtlety. So, why all the secrecy about it today?

“The question of whether or not an agenda for a one-world government being a sinister conspiracy to reduce the population or merely an attempt to facilitate a natural evolutionary step still remains a mystery to many. But I believe I know what they’re up to, and I’ll get to that in a second.

“One thing is absolutely certain though: globalization, one-world government, and the New World Order are not the mere imaginings of a paranoid conspiracy theorist, but the articulated goals of the secret brotherhoods, organizations, and groups that all carry the imprint of the old orders of Freemasonry, the Round Tables, and the infamous Illuminati.

“It is not necessary to believe in such widespread conspiracies, but to know that others do and act accordingly. To comprehend the world around us, we must study the full range of evidence if we are to avoid either destructive paranoia or baseless, naive faith. The evidence blatantly points to a common purpose on the part of secret societies, and that their members, their relatives, their associates and hirelings, are all closely interrelated—connected by blood, marriage, social and business associations. These members are at the helm of the international corporations that dominate nearly all of our modern lives through their power over business, advertising, government, and the media, ever since the days of Mayer and Nathan Rothschild, Cecil Rhodes, Alfred Milner, J. P. Morgan, and John D. Rockefeller.

“These societies can be traced back to earlier secret organizations found throughout history and follow a plan formulated many years ago. This plan is an outgrowth of the objectives of the Illuminati and Freemasons, and is carried forward by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Council of Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commision, the Bilderberg Group, and secret intelligence agencies in both Britain and America.”

There are three common themes that have spanned the centuries and continue to dominate the central agenda today of manipulating and controlling our lives: global centralization of power, fundamental control of the minds and bodies of the masses, and the creation of the master race. Yet, how many people in the world believe they are racially superior to the rest? Ironically, many of those who have suffered from this “master race” mentality of one dominant race, actually believe themselves are genetically superior to others.

Here is where my theory for their endgame comes in. With the mentality these incestuous families of power possess, thinking that since they are the wealthy elite, they have the most superior genes, so they therefore want to wipe out the majority in order to repopulate the earth with their “superior” genes, with their own blood. They want to recreate the story of Creation in the Book of Genesis, or Gene-sis, to usher in a new Golden Age of immortality, with their Transhumanist Agenda. They see no issue with this since they believe they are saving the earth by “resetting” it.

The core beliefs of eugenics live on today and continue to be practiced in an effort to reduce the population by 75 percent, while keeping the remaining fifteen percent as dumbed-down, subservient zombies to keep as mere servants for the wealthy, corporate elite. The most effective and profitable means of making this happen occur through these new vaccinations, digital currency, implanted chips/tattoos, and through one of the most corrupt industries of today: the pharmaceutical industry.

With the exception of my theory of why this is all being done, everything posted here are cold, hard facts that you can find anywhere. Hell, my theory could very well be wrong—much too simple of an answer.

For example, where does China fall into all of this? Now, that China owns just about everything, including many ports and pieces of land in nearly every country—what is their endgame…?

This is what I live for… discovering the truth, leaving no rock unturned.

Quotes from:

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