Your Social Credit Score, or how well you obey.

Money is worthless. It’s becoming digital like we’ve been saying for quite some time. And it’s going to be as worse as we thought with this Banking For All Act.

The bill aims to give the nation’s unbanked or underbanked households direct access to a bank account so they can receive their stimulus checks.

“FedAccounts can be used to make sure that everyone who is entitled to COVID-19-related relief receives it quickly and inexpensively,” the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs said in a statement. “That means that people will not have to rely on costly check cashers or other alternative financial services.”

FedAccounts would not be subject to fees or minimum or maximum balances and would be managed by the Federal Reserve. Instead, rather than being judged by your credit score, your stimulus package will be based on your obedience—a social score.

China’s social credit system, as seen in an episode of Netflix’s Black Mirror, is coming here…

Watch this shit…