“The Hell We Primed”

Amanda Gorman…

The anomaly that stood out among the white elite. Yet, even if she wasn’t as black as Wesley Snipes, all eyes still would have been drawn to her attention-seeking outfit that screamed “Yellow!” louder than Coldplay and The Beatles. Amanda Gorman, the National Youth Poet Laureate, became the youngest inaugural poet in US history at the highly-disregarded Biden presidential inauguration. For a liberal party that is driven by impossible dreams of equality and hugely supported by feminists, I’m surprised she wasn’t asked to use a pseudonym that didn’t have “man” in both her names.

I did not watch the inauguration, for I was too busy watching paint dry. But mainly because I couldn’t care less about the swearing-in of the new, national puppeted scapegoat—especially a pedophilic one. However, I’d heard all about Lady Gaga’s Aryan-styled haircut, Jennifer Lopez’s singing in Spanish to Americans, and about how a young, black woman had read some poem that had supposedly given many a sense of hope during these chaotic times.

I watched this Amanda Gorman read her little poem, then reread the transcript, and did a little research on her. Her poem, “The Hill We Climb,” is littered with cheap alliteration and a few play-on-words that would have received an A+ in middle school English class, but a mere B- in a high school senior class. Yet, her poem was being compared to the likes of Frost, Angelou, and others.

If this isn’t proof that American citizens have been dumbed down, then I’m all out of evidence. And believe me, I have plenty.

According to her, however, she describes her background as being “a skinny black girl, descended from slaves and raised by a single mother”—as if her brief life had been full of oppression and despair, as a result of her enslaved ancestors. Her middle school poetry would have made sense had this been true.

First off, nobody who was born in America within the past forty years knows or has experienced oppression—especially a little girl who spent her grade school years K-12 in a private school in Santa Monica, California.

Sounds awful. Almost as awful as receiving a college scholarship to Harvard, which was wasted on a mere degree in sociology.

Yet, even as a black girl at a prestigious Ivy League school with only a 5 percent population of black students, she somehow managed to not only graduate from Harvard magna cum laude, she was also selected to be part of the oldest academic society in the U.S.: Phi Beta Kappa.

Phi Beta Kappa is a very exclusive society that has established the precedent for many American college secret societies, such as the Skull and Bones at Yale. What makes this even more strange is the fact that this group would meet at Raleigh Tavern, a known Masonic lodge where freemasons would get together.

What a tragedy this truly is…

A true example of modern day oppression…

Wake the fuck up!

Her scholarship had been given by the MIlken Family Foundation, a private foundation leading advances in education and medical research, with an initiative dedicated to the development of educational projects that feature unsung heroes as role models to “repair the world.”

If Amanda is being recognized as being the youngest inaugural poet, is she still considered an “unsung” hero? The answer is No. Such logic would come from such a foundation established by two brothers who made their fortunes in an illegal junk-bond trading operation previously known as Drexel Burnham Lambert—the first Wall Street firm to declare bankruptcy since the Great Depression, which fueled many of the biggest corporate takeovers of the 1980s.

One of the Milken brothers spent ten years behind bars until he was pardoned by Trump in 2020. Many of the former employees went on to become CEOs, founders, presidents, and leaders of major corporations.

After Harvard, Gorman went on to become both a doctor and a lawyer…

Well, that’s what magna cum laude Harvard graduates normally do, right?Not in this case. Gorman went on to write poetry while being an avid activist for infiltrated social movements.

Amanda Gorman is not who she portrays herself to be. She is not just a tool used by the globalist elite, but an agent of the elite with a significant part in their insidious agenda. You can see it with her bright yellow suit and the many hand symbols she throws up that are used by the black sun-worshipping freemasons.

Tie this in with the last post/podcast describing the Osiris ritual within the presidential inauguration. I believe she is going to play a big part in the reshaping of western civilization into something out of George Orwell’s 1984 and Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World.

Your private grade school, scholarship for Harvard, and selected to be part of Phi Beta Kappa sounds pretty polished and pristine compared to those in other countries who experience true oppression.