We Are Now Giving Away Million-Dollar Prizes for Treason

Dr. Anthony Fauci is rewarded the $1,000,000 Dan David Prize for “defending science”…

“As the COVID-19 pandemic unraveled, [Fauci] leveraged his considerable communication skills to address people gripped by fear and anxiety and worked relentlessly to inform individuals in the United States and elsewhere about the public health measures essential for containing the pandemic’s spread,” the awards committee said, according to NPR.

Are you fucking kidding me???

Fauci is the reason the Fear -pandemic started!—with his false report that Covid-19 was ten times more contagious than the flu, while on the Hannity Show of Fox News.

“In addition, he has been widely praised for his courage in speaking truth to power in a highly charged political environment.”

For speaking outright LIES! Trump should have fired this piece of shit human when he had the chance. And goddamn those who believe he deserves such recognition and a prize for his blatant treason.