Three Men and a “They-bie”

Every human being is born with natural human rights, and as an adult, has the right to live the life of their choosing, whether it be as a man, woman, or whatever. It is what I grew up believing and what I still stand by today. If someone with the anatomy of a specific gender wants to identify as the opposite, or even as some “postmodern” term thought up in a blatantly unbalanced mind, it is an exercise of these inherent rights that cannot be negated by any other person, government, nor institution. However, forcing others to refer to this person as what they believe themselves to be is itself a violation of these rights.

The same applies to bringing up a child as “non-binary” (identifying neither as male nor female) where the child develops without knowing what they are based on their physical anatomy and is indirectly influenced by the lifestyle choices of their parents or caregivers. If a child hasn’t yet experienced puberty and is given the choice to identify as whatever without the necessary information needed to make such a decision, it puts the child at great risk for developing in an unhealthy way and a future filled with psychological and emotional issues. It is nothing short of child abuse.

It may seem that parents who decide to raise their children in such a way have the right to do so, since the child is biologically related to at least one of the parents. That is not the case however, if the parent registers and signs the birth certificate contract, which legally signs over your rights to the child to the government. This is how an agency such as Child Protective Services can legally take away your child without any solid evidence of any abuse displayed. When it comes to such agencies and concealed clauses within contracts, I am absolutely against their subtle deceptions used against the populace. Yet, when it comes to allowing those who are not mentally stable enough to know who they are, based on their physical anatomy and natural hormones, raising innocent and highly-influenced children, it can be a relief that we have such agencies. However, any relief is quickly vanquished knowing the life of the child will be in the hands of government-owned institutions.

We should then ask ourselves, should those who wish to bring up their child in a “non-binary” home be allowed to do so?

An argument used by such “non-binary” people is that “there are thousands of non-gender specific people all across the world.” Even if there were hundreds of thousands, the percentage would still be in the single digits. According to research done by John Hopkins Medical, in 2016, 26% of the worldwide population had been diagnosed with a mental disorder, not including substance abuse. Now, five years later, this percentage could only have gone up due to its rise within the past decade. While this 26% does also include depression, anxiety, etc., the “thousands” that non-binary people refer to would still fall within this percentage with ease.

Based on this information, we should then ask ourselves, should those who identify as “non-binary” even be allowed to have children?

Now, I can imagine many people absolutely fuming after reading that question. Maybe it is a little harsh. But I don’t think so.

“They-bies” are what these families are calling them. This term alone sets these infants up for a life of division, full of ridicule and shame. In no way am I saying gender and race are the same, however these people see no difference between the two, and there isn’t when it comes to the future of their children. “They” has always been attributed to the ‘other,’ the group of those whom we don’t agree with. It’s a term that creates division, declaring ‘they’ as being separate from ‘us.’

What these “non-binary” people are doing, is not giving their children a choice but the complete opposite. They’re unwittingly setting a trap for their child who will not have the choice of avoiding. Let me explain…

Before I explain, I believe a brief disclaimer may be needed (which also leads into my point): This is not a projection of my subconscious not having the “choice” to choose my own gender. I came into this world with not only male genitalia and male reproductive organs, but also male testosterone hormones that a healthy baby boy comes with (which these people have seem to have forgotten about) and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Unless you believe in the New Age concept of “soul contracts,” or anything of the sort (which would completely contradict your belief in this gender nonsense), no human comes into this world by choice. You are what you are, you learn to love yourself, you live life to the best, and when problems arise, you deal with them. You don’t run away by changing your sex. That is only feeding into the issue you have with yourself that you’d suppressed either consciously or unconsciously because external factors during your development had deemed it unacceptable. Raising a child in this way, immediately sets them up for this, guaranteeing them to have a psychological disorder far worse than your own disorder, which isn’t a mere gender-identity disorder, but something unknown that remains undiagnosed but still falls under the realm of insanity.

These people are clearly insane and are so unaware of themselves that they claim sex and gender are two different things yet use these words interchangeably when they speak. Others like to claim that the reproductive organs they are born with aren’t important and that it’s what they feel inside that matters; yet, at the same time they feast on hormone supplements and surgically alter themselves.

The fact that society doesn’t recognize the obvious contradictions here leads me to believe that our western civilization is itself a disorder. I’m hoping that’s not the case, and will stick to believe that we have either been dumbed down or grown tired of fighting. I refuse to believe that westerners see this as “progress,” or worse, have grown apathetic to such things as the lives of children blatantly being destroyed.