Anti-Human Agenda in Full Swing

Other than vaccinations, Bill Gates, in his new book (that he somehow had time to write), becomes Captain Planet in the fight against “climate change'” by pushing us to eat fake meat and halting the release of greenhouse gasses (carbon dioxide) with his “direct air capture” plan that consists of “mechanized trees” that “literally suck CO2 out of the air by separating it from other molecules and converting it to solid matter”—clean fuel.

Climate change is indeed a real thing, but the way it is being presented is in fact a hoax. The rapid heating is being blamed on overpopulation, with too many humans putting out too much carbon dioxide. This is the hoax. Humans are in a natural cycle with plants, where we turn oxygen into carbon dioxide that plants need to grow. Animals feed on plants, and we feed on both plants and animals. The real reason for rapid climate change is technology. The factories and power plants responsible for making our new technologies put out massive amounts of gasses that are incredibly unnecessary. Along with the many fires, whether natural or not, there isn’t enough plant life to use up the carbon dioxide. Population could be the problem, with more and more people using and demanding the newest SMART devices, which could be solved by giving technology a break for awhile. But mass murderers such as Bill Gates don’t see it this way, and would rather throw us and our need to procreate under the bus, over their precious, money-making technology.

Gates isn’t dumb and knows, like oxygen, CO2 is vital to our survival. It is not a pollutant, and without it, plants die; thus, plant-eating animals such as cows die. And since this is our basic food supply, we die. The world is actually depleted of CO2 in our atmosphere, being at a mere 400ppm, where 2000ppm is optimal, and at 150ppm the natural world starts to die.

Watch, in the near future, there’s going to be something to do with animals, such as cows dying. Then after that, a new, evolved COVID strand will be all over the news, with an ability to jump from animals to humans. This will be in order to remove the natural discourse and interaction we desperately need between us and our domesticated pets.

Gates has monopolized the food supply, owning the largest amount of farmland in America, to control whether we eat or don’t eat in the future. This has all been part of their plan for a global takeover I had written about back in April 2020, you can read HERE.

In an article today, Biden has attacked farms, implementing the technocratic takeover by “accelerating a global collapse in food production by paying farmers NOT to grow food, cutting their financial support, tasking Tom Vilsack’s USDA with a Net-Zero goal, changing COVID guidance on grocery stores, restaurants, and meatpacking plants.”

“Meanwhile, the media is finally acknowledging the soybean shortage, and the US is now also experiencing a fertilizer shortage, which will further increase costs and cause yields will collapse. As other countries stop exporting to protect domestic supplies, the US has been wholly sold out. This confluence of issues and cascading failures merits our attention urgently — start growing food plants NOW!”

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