United States, Inc.

Nearly every American is unaware of the United States Corporation coming about just after the Civil War. The USA’s last year as a constitutional republic was 1870. The Act of 1871 was passed, creating a separate form of government for Washington D.C., essentially turning it into a corporation outside the jurisdiction of the Constitution of the USA—much like Disneyland, except employees are called “citizens.”

In court or on paper, if you refer to yourself as a citizen, you are declaring that you are not a free American, but an employee of USA, Inc.

Corporations dictate every aspect of life in America, including the food we eat, the water we drink the air we breathe, our exposure to toxins, to stress, the energy we use and our healthcare choices. It also affects our sovereignty as free citizens.

On June 5, 1933, Congress passed House Joint Resolution HJR-192 in order to suspend the gold standard and abrogate the gold clause in the U.S. national constitution. Since then, no one in America has been able to lawfully pay a debt.

HJR-192 also made all citizens private corporations to be used as collateral for international loans. Consent was manufactured so the government can access the International Monetary Fund through your exemption account, created at your birth and backed by the bond attached to your birth certificate. Because we seem to have a myriad of offerings from corporations that can sometimes benefit us does not mean we are a free people. It means we are given a set number of choices determined by specific corporations.

Your birth certificate is a contract with a corporation masquerading as a government. This legal identity is called a “Strawman,” whilst your flesh and blood identity is called a “Freeman.” For most ordinary people, our work schedules, dictated by corporations, determine the amount of free time we are allowed. This is the measured time we must use to pursue other interests outside of work.

If you look at the bottom of your birth certificate it says “Department of Commerce.” It is a property of the Department of Commerce because you are nothing more than a piece of commercial material. That’s why if you’re out of work you don’t go to the unemployment office, you go to the Office of Human Resources, because you’re just a human resource.

In America, this time is purposely extremely limited. It is all we are given to cultivate relationships with family and friends, raise our children, and enjoy entertainment and relaxation. It’s just enough to recharge us for our real purpose in life, which is to serve the Corporations.

TATES CODE (note the capitalization, indicating the corporation, not the Republic), Title 28, Part 6, Chapter 176, Subchapter (A), in section 3002 in definition (15). This states unequivocally that the UNITED STATES is a federal corporation. Realize, too, that the corporation is not a separate and distinct entity from the government. It is the government. This is extremely important. Thus, “We the People” are considered corporate commercial inventory. It can be referred to as the “corporate empire of the UNITED STATES,” which operates under Roman Civil Law outside of the Constitution.

In summary, this Act formed the corporation known as THE UNITED STATES, in all caps, indicating the corporation, not the Republic. With the “Act of 1871,” our Constitution was defaced in the sense that the title was block-capitalized and the word “for” was changed to the word “of” in the title.

The original Constitution drafted by the Founding Fathers was written with this wording: “The Constitution for (emphasis mine) the United States of America.” When the original Constitution was suspended, the United States became defined as a “Federal Corporation” as per legal code 28 U.S.C. § 3002.

The de facto (corporate) Constitution reads: The Constitution OF the UNITED STATES of America. This makes all lawyers and judges as “officers of the court,” who therefore work for the very system that has been stealing from and misrepresenting this nation for over 150 years. That would be an automatic “conflict of interest” on their part because they are “officers of the court.”

Secondly, all courts work for the “state,” which in turn, works for the “corporate government.” Remember, the government is a “corporation,” and therefore falls under the rules and laws of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC).

With the Legislative Act of February 21, 1871, Congress chartered a Federal Company entitled “United States,” aka “US Inc.” and “USA Inc.” Shockingly, this means that Congress, under no Constitutional authority to do so, created a separate form of government for the District of Columbia, which is a ten mile square parcel of land, originally built on reclaimed swamp land. This is our “legislative democracy.”

Consequently, parents unknowingly have been registering their newborn children as property—“a thing” which is “domiciled” or controlled by the law of a private corporation, not the de jure Republic formed by the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Since the United States is in fact a corporation, the main purpose of any corporation is to manage an endeavor in order to achieve profits. Over the last century war has proven to be the most profitable business to be engaged.

Today, more than ever before, we have a perpetual war against an enemy we cannot find, and there is no one country the “terrorist” enemy calls home. Benefits came with this new citizenship (membership in the corporation), but with the benefits came duties and responsibilities totally regulated by the legislature for the District of Columbia (corporation). If you and your children are property identified on a birth certificate, domiciled in Washington, D.C., one of your duties may be to go and fight in a profit-making enterprise (war) for the corporation (United States, Inc.) of which you are a member. The new class of citizenship was given the right to vote in the “democracy” in 1870 by way of the 15th Amendment. All that is required is an application to vote.

The original Constitution was never removed; it has simply lain dormant since 1871. This fact was made clear by Supreme Court Justice Marshall Harlan (Downes v. Bidwell, 182, U.S. 244 1901) by giving the following dissenting opinion: “Two national governments exist; one to be maintained under the Constitution, with all its restrictions; the other to be maintained by Congress outside and Independently of that Instrument.”

In a few years after birth, your Corporation will receive a taxpayer ID# called a social security number. This is so you can be used as collateral for the government to acquire debt. It is you and your labor, time, and energy that backs up the National debt. We are stock, or chattel. This all came about when the UNITED STATES covertly declared bankruptcy in 1933, and under the bankruptcy the Straw Man law became known.

The USA Incorporated is nothing more than a foreign invading criminal banking/military occupying hostile enemy. The BLM, IRS, FBI, TSA, DHS, FEMA, CIA, and other alphabet agencies are all invading enemies of We the People, and our 50-state landmass. The Republic is dead, and now we are just fodder for the Corporation.

You must be made aware that the members of Congress do NOT work for you and me. Rather, they work for the Corporate entity known as THE UNITED STATES. This is why we can’t get them to do anything on our behalf or answer to us—as in the case with the illegal income tax—among many other things.

Contrary to popular belief, our Congressional representatives are not our civil servants. They do not work for us. They are the servants of the corporate government and carry out its bidding. The corporate government of the UNITED STATES has no jurisdiction or authority in any state of the Republic beyond the District of Columbia.

You are presumed to know the law. They know you don’t know the law, or your history for that matter, because this information has not been taught to you. No concerted effort has been made to inform you.

As a Sovereign, you are entitled to full disclosure of the facts. As a slave, you are entitled to nothing other than what the corporation decides to “give” you—at a price. Therefore, always be wary of accepting so-called “benefits” from the corporation of THE UNITED STATES.