The Second Principle of Correspondence

The Kybalion contains the Seven Principles of ancient Egyptian mythology that correlate with principles of ancient Hermeticism, and act as esoteric laws of how our world really works. The second principle is of Correspondence: As Above, So Below; As Within, So Without. To explain this, it would be easier to return to the original thesis for these series of posts.

The human mind, along with the cosmos, is one of the most challenging and convoluted systems in nature, where it may seem chaotic at a glance but with the indoctrinated eye, there exists a specific order similar to that of the universe. In other words, the cosmos (universe) corresponds to the microcosm (humanity), while also down to the quantum level (atoms). To better understand this, one must look at the two most complex systems in nature. It may seem a little technical, but no worries, visual aids are given.

The universe and the human brain may appear to be two completely different things, but they actually are so similar, the only substantial difference is their size in scale. The human brain functions via its wide neurological network that is claimed to consist of approximately 69 billion neurons; while the observable universe is composed of a cosmic web of at least 100 billion galaxies. Within both systems, only 30 percent of their masses are composed of galaxies and neurons, which arrange themselves in long filaments or nodes between the filaments. The rest of the 70 percent of the distribution of mass or energy components plays an apparently passive role, such as water in the brain or dark energy in the observable universe.

Thus goes to show “as above, so below.” This, as well as the latter part, “as within, so without,” will become more apparent and understood throughout the series. It can be interpreted in multiple ways, but the most common for “as within, so without” interprets as whatever we think of ourselves will be expressed or reflected on the natural world in which we live. It can also apply to our perception, where if we have a negative outlook on life, negative things will occur, and vice versa. Whatever we think or accept consciously will definitely be the circumstance of our life.

Almost everyone is familiar with the belief that the life we create is a reflection of the image we hold in our mind. What lies within correlates to what lies without. Consequently, what may be invisible can be deduced by observing the visible.

Or to put it another way, you can get a sense of what will happen in your life (the invisible, because it hasn’t happened yet) by paying attention to your thoughts (the visible). Your dominating thoughts, the ones you give energy to, are the ones that will manifest in your life. Your thoughts mirror your reality. This is the essential takeaway of the law of correspondence.

If this concept is still over your head, like I mentioned, it will become more apparent in future posts.

While you wait for that, here’s some fun and exciting poetry from yours truly…

As above, so below

For no one tree can grow

With heaven as its home

Lest its roots reach down

Into a hell underground

The brighter the light they see

The darker the soul can be

In a life one could never forsake

Left without light and driven by hate

In the dark one need always hold dear

The light within glowing bright and clear

Beyond the shadow of a doubt

What lives within, so lives without

Aware of the universal flow

As above, so below

The deeper my roots go

The higher my limbs grow.