Our Ocean of Energy

Continuing from the Fibonacci sequence and its Golden Spiral, the crest of a wave in the ocean also falls in this exact sequence…

We humans, as well as every living organism, exist within an ocean of energy in the form of waves known as frequencies. Even we humans are not physical beings but exist of atoms vibrating at similar frequencies. Every organism has its own vibrational frequency that it emits, attracting and influencing those around them. This includes us as humans, where here in the western world, it is commonly known as someone’s “vibe.” Whether we are aware of it or not, whenever we encounter another or walk into a new environment, our body can sense a change. If the other is depressed, sad, anxious, or angry but doesn’t externally show it, their low vibrational can make us uncomfortable. If we walk into a room full of people like this, the feeling can be overwhelming, even claustrophobic.

Negative emotions have a low frequency, while on the other hand, those with a balanced sense of self, who always seem to have a good time, tend to be operating at a higher frequency. These people usually have a comforting presence for those lower. If one is considerably lower than this higher person’s vibrational frequency, it can come off as fake. However, this may be from a fit of subconscious jealousy or a sense of envy.

The thing is, much like a vibrating tuning fork, when another is placed near it, the other will begin to vibrate at the same speed as the first. We work in the same way. Our thoughts and words have their own vibrational frequencies as well. I’ll get more into this in a bit, but it is imperative to understand that just because we can’t see something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

We can’t see radio waves, gamma, radiation, etc., but we still know they exist. We can’t see WiFi, yet we know it’s all around us. In the electromagnetic spectrum, we can only see a tiny sliver known as the light spectrum. It represents only about0.003 percent of all the energy in the universe. Even the “physical” universe that we can detect using the senses makes up only 4 percent of it.

Scientism is the popular belief of the modern world, but it proves about as much as any religion does—it’s primarily only theory and speculation. Anything that cannot be measured with our artificial tools and measuring devices, such as emotion, intuition, consciousness, etc., are tossed aside or entirely thrown out, forever considered “pseudoscience.” Any credible scientist who wants to keep their job and reputation knows not to touch these subjects.

However, alternative scientists, who aren’t part of the mainstream science community, have discovered all of this. In fact, the official narrative is that it’s more of a “rediscovery” after there has been proof of such knowledge in eastern cultures, going back to antiquity. Eastern gurus, such as Lao Tzu, have made well-known sayings, such as “watch your words” and “watch your thoughts,” for this reason. If one thinks of something or talks of it enough, it can manifest into one’s reality. Hence, the phrase “be careful what you wish for….”

With the tiny sliver of light visible to us (0.003% of electromagnetic spectrum), who’s to say there aren’t other beings vibrating at higher or lower frequencies than us? A good way to picture it is with a fan—the slower it spins, the better we can see it, but the faster, the more invisible it becomes.

We create our reality by the frequency we each put out, which attracts more of the same. The more conscious we are about our life choices, the more we can keep a higher frequency, which sends ripples of energy out like ripples in a pond, or waves in an ocean, pulsating a positive vibe wherever we go, both internally and externally.

Our world is in a chaotic state of unbalanced mental illness due to so many living in low vibrational frequencies. This is mainly because of the false belief that external circumstances determine how we feel. With this thinking, we put ourselves into a state of victimhood—a disempowering cycle, which in turn creates more chaos.

Thus, we come to the next topic in this series of posts, the Hermetic principle of “As above, so below; as within, so without.” With whatever we say, think, and feel inside creating what we see and experience, whatever is in our minds, manifests into our lives. It’s all about perspective.