America’s Illusion of Freedom

I recently heard someone say that freedom of speech is “too much” and that we need “freedom of speech with limits.” Freedom of speech with limits is not freedom of speech; it’s an oxymoron. We already have laws against inciting riots and racist hate speech. So, if one abuses the right to freedom of speech for those purposes, these laws should deal with it. 

Censoring or silencing individuals and the banning of social media profiles for expressing one’s opinion is an infringement on one’s right. Especially after an online platform used to pride itself on its anti-censorship policies. This is precisely what the purpose of political correctness has been all along: to get people to police each other, which is what fascism is, essentially. 

What students are being taught in universities—which since 2013 had been infiltrated by left-wing socialists—is that political correctness, and even socialism, are about equality. They also claim these being progressive steps toward a liberal society. They call themselves liberals, which is so far from the truth of what a liberal actually is. It’s appalling and worrisome to think of these individuals as our future leaders. 

Based on these beliefs and actions, our American definition of “Progressivism” is essentially socialism. 

Equality would be ideal, but it is an impossible feat, for there will always be inequality, no matter what kind of state governs us. Even in a prison system where all inmates are supposed to be equal, many are favored more  than others, treated differently, and given special privileges. 

On the other end of the spectrum, in the pipe dream of a utopian world, where everybody is treated equally, and there’s nothing but “peace and goodwill towards men and women,” human evolution becomes stagnant, trapped within a state where no growth can occur. 

Growth occurs out of conflict, internally and externally. The type of inequality, racism, and bigotry that leads people to believe they are oppressed, having been born and living here in America, is not due to a few hateful people of a particular race (however, these people don’t help at all), but of the system that seeks to control its people. 

All one needs to do is look at American history, particularly in the early 20th century when America was involved in eugenics. This movement was established to sterilize those deemed mentally unfit for society, including the mentally disabled, physically disabled, homosexuals, and people of color. It was then adopted and taken to its extreme by Nazi Germany. 

The eugenics program of America never ended. In fact, while still being funded by the same wealthy family, it became more socially accepted under a different name— 

Planned Parenthood. This updated, underground version of eugenics, or sterilization of people, is now backed by social and political movements, such as feminism and LGBTQ— all under the guise of an individual’s right to have choice. 

But, instead of giving someone the right to choose over having a baby or not, they are gradually working to take away your ability even to have a baby. Today, this is also being done with pharmaceuticals, genetically modified food and water, toxins in the air, and vaccinations. 

This is why we see many people in power claiming overpopulation as being the sole reason for climate change. We, humans, do contribute to the negative impact of climate change but not because of overpopulation. We contribute by continuously purchasing devices they want us to have and becoming dependent on them to have complete control over us. But ultimately, it is the production of these devices and waste coming from them that is causing the impact of a changing climate. 

They want us entirely dependent upon their global government and dumbed down to a state of apathy and subservience. 

Many people will see this as a mere conspiracy theory. However, although it is a massive conspiracy, it is not a theory but something that can be observed with the naked eye and an open mind.

If you don’t believe any of this and have a decent counter-argument, I am an open-minded individual and will hear you out. Your opinion and ad-hominem attacks are not proper arguments, by the way. 

Please, give me sufficient evidence. Also, it’s sad I have to say this, but Facebook and Twitter do not count as news sources.

There it is, tell me what you think. I would be overjoyed and filled with overwhelming relief if all of this weren’t true. I want to have that feeling once more in my life.