Dark Night of the Distracted

When people lose their sense of individuality, they forget about their potential as human beings. They lose sight of their passions and fall short of realizing their true calling in life. It’s not a virus but a dismemberment of the individual that plagues today’s society.

Somewhere along the line, we as individuals lost sight of what we can achieve in life. The powers that be have made it a point to cut the individual down and make sure that we all adhere to a particular way of being. As they continue to diminish that which makes us human, they push us down into the place where they want us. And that place is a strongly censored prison under constant surveillance, where our fellow inmates police us.

Sure, we may think that we’re free, but to them, they have us right under their thumbs. They censor everything, from the media and social platforms to anyone who sees past the charade and speaks ill of it. But do people even want to know the truth? I know that a few do, while the majority are just fine and dandy living within their comfortable fantasy land, believing everything is fine or will eventually go back to “normal” soon. Those in power have conditioned us to become lazy creatures of habit who want instant gratification. In turn, they’ve made this fantasyland an effortless place to live.

Nothing is farther away from freedom than the illusion of freedom. And those in power have been very diligent about letting us know that we still live in a free country. If you still believe this, you haven’t been paying attention or have no sense of awareness. Based on the fabricated narrative, we live in a country founded on the importance of individual freedom. This may not have been the prerogative of the founding fathers, but it is the God-given right of every human being in this world. And today, that freedom is being ripped away from under our noses. Only, everyone is too busy living in la-la land to notice it.

Those who are aware of what is being implemented under the guise of an “opportunity” from the global crisis thought of and created by wealthy, power-hungry globalists are typically those who have overcome depression due to a shattered paradigm. To achieve the spiritual rebirth of self with clarity, insight, and awareness, death of the old, egotistic illusory of identity must occur.

When one experiences the collapse of a perceived meaning in life, or a shattering of a paradigm, a deep sense of meaninglessness follows. Nothing makes sense anymore, and nothing has a purpose. Anything one had previously given meaning to in his life crumbles. But what collapses is the whole conceptual framework for one’s life when something or disaster has invalidated the meaning one’s life has before.

Once one emerges out of this dark place, the self is enlightened into a transformed state of consciousness. Life has meaning again, but it’s no longer a conceptual meaning one could explain, apart from being “awakened.”

One awakens with a more profound sense of purpose and a felt connectedness with a greater life without explanations or conceptions. In a spiritual sense, it is the way to know God by abandoning considerations of God’s particular activities and attributes and being courageous enough to surrender one’s mind and ego to the realm of unknowing, at which point one may begin to glimpse the nature of God, without any learned or preconceived notions.

Essentially, it is the death of the old, narcissistic sense of self. Death can be painful until one realizes what had died was only an illusory identity. The pain and suffering are part of the awakening process, which becomes appreciated once the process is understood.

That state of conceptual meaninglessness and ignorance, where things lose the meaning you’d given them from cultural conditioning, can last as long as one needs to gain clarity and truly understand what one has become aware of as a result. But not everyone wants this new sense of awareness. When one’s reality comes crashing down, it can be too much for some, and these people would rather live within their old illusion of reality than accept the darker side of life and themselves.

With the rapid advancement of technology, it becomes easier and easier to exist and be comfortable within a false reality with the amount of distractions that bombard us daily. And social media is a significant key in this distraction.

Along with statistics showing how the internet has lowered our attention spans, social media has a more devastating effect on its users. The people who are constantly updating their Facebook statuses, complaining about matters that don’t involve them, or checking to see how many “likes” they received on their latest “selfie” are the sad souls struggling to find their own individuality. Unfortunately, social media does not help anyone acquire this; it only makes it harder to find.

People strive for identity on these sites, but instead of discovering themselves, the exact opposite occurs. Everyone now thinks they can become popular based on looks or how well they compose a tweet. Attention has now fallen upon how someone presents their doctored face and body rather than on any unique talent or skill.

Look inside yourself for something that makes you unique and special. Everyone has that special something. And getting a record amount of “likes” on pictures of yourself, is not it. This is the trap of false recognition where the majority have fallen victim. Because in all honesty, becoming popular on the internet as a result of being vain doesn’t amount to shit in the real world. Get out there and make something of yourself. Stand up for something you believe in, and you will gain the right kind of attention–attention that means something. You will be remembered as someone who pushed with full force to change the world for the better. Not as someone who got a million “likes” on a “selfie.”

And while we sit, not paying attention to what is happening in our country, those in power are stripping away everything we now take for granted: our freedoms. So I implore everyone to set their phones down for a while, shut down Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., and pay attention to what you voluntarily give away. I promise you that when it’s gone, you won’t care about how many “likes” you received on your latest status, picture, or tweet, which nobody honestly gives a shit about anyway.

With each day brings a new dawn,
We think we know what we cannot see;
Taught to seek the light within the light,
And to reject the darkness that lay deep;

It’s easier to keep the divine light up above;
But in removing the divine from the depths below,
All clarity of ourselves becomes clouded,
Leaving us with no chance to grow;

Fear consumes the inexperienced mind,
Which runs from its own reflection,
Holds onto nothing while trying to climb,
And struggles in pain from a lack of perception;

The light belongs in darkness,
Clarity comes from obscurity,
Ascension only after descension,
To face the dark is to find the light of day.