Deaths Are Up, But Not Due to a Virus

     The Industrial Revolution, Christianization, advancement in technology, and mass consumerism are the critical components of the ultimate conveyor belt to global suicide. The stark truth is that if you need to consume more every year, the human and environmental effects are both enormous and eventually fatal. Social media and mass unemployment have led more and more teens and adults to suicide; while the increased levels of stress have become so overwhelming, a fake virus was needed to take the blame for it all.  

      If you have to produce more constantly and consume more, you soon pass the point to continue within your borders. You have to sell abroad and export your culture while changing how others live and imposing your evolution upon them. You do this by making them dependent on you and by selling your culture through manipulative advertising. Suppose you have an addictive product, such as cigarettes, even better because once people become hooked, you have a captive market. Once you have other countries addicted to the pursuit of your culture, you have even more power to make them use their resources and land to supply you with what you need to provide them with finished products at a considerable profit.   

         By now, you have destroyed their self-sufficiency in food, and you can claim that the developed world is helping the underdeveloped world out of the goodness of its heart and the success of its culture by ‘giving’ food to them when in fact, millions are starving because they can no longer produce food for themselves. Even then, you only respond with as little as you can get away with in situations that are either well-publicized or suit your desire to make others do your will. 

        The need to expand production and sales each year means that everyone has to compete with everyone else. For every winner, there have to be losers, often dead ones. It is vital that you also make your own population dependent on their food and existence on the same system. If they have alternatives, they cannot be forced to do your will or stand by a factory machine most of their waking hours. The effect of this is to diminish their spirit and grind down their resistance to any propaganda that you feed to them through a compliant and system-serving media. The need for expanding the system requires that your ‘scientific’ research is geared to inventing new things that you can persuade people to buy and finding cheaper ways of making those things through technology.  

        The education system was also infiltrated and ditched any intentions of educating people, especially the young. It wishes to indoctrinate, not educate, and turn out fodder for the system. It aims to persuade people to see things its way and reject any idea that there could be an alternative. What could be better for the system than to take children away from their homes on most days during their formative year and feed them whatever they need to believe in becoming the next generation of robots? 

        As we have seen, both the System and Christianity have played a big part in holding back human understanding. Even where there were native peoples who have not been subjected to this economic mind control, their forests, lands and way of life were taken away either by force or through Christianization. With their culture destroyed, they become dependent and often seek to escape from the nightmare through alcohol or drugs. Your control of the world is extended by environmental destruction. 

       The need to produce and sell more every year means that the point quickly arrives when people can no longer increase production by themselves. You build machines which turn out more products with fewer people. As production constantly needs to increase, the machines have to get bigger and require even fewer people. Unemployment grows. The way the system responds to this is by fiddling the unemployment figures to hide how bad things really are, starting wars, and by increasing the number of things that people want by manipulating the symbols of human success, so they all relate to possessions. 

      It would be best to make people dissatisfied with whatever they have and seek happiness by accumulating material things. This, however, means that your production must follow the money because poor people can’t buy. Therefore production is increasingly geared to the wants of the well-off minority and away from the needs of the poor majority. This leads to some people having every possession they could desire, while others sleep in cardboard boxes in the street. 

        Once a large number of countries have the same ambition – to produce more and sell more – and they pass the point where this can continue within their borders, everyone has to compete with everyone else for sales all over the world. This becomes a battle to the economy and, for at least 100,000 people every day, the physical death. More automation is required to produce more products at a lower cost because everyone has to compete to find ways of making the same product cheaper. More automation means less employment and less money in people’s pockets to buy the products the machines are making. 

       As a result of all this, the system is now in desperate trouble,e and that is precisely what the banking elite want to justify their next step, a centralized world economy based on a World Central Bank. While some unemployment is seen as good for the system because it helps to keep those employed subservient through fear of losing their job, there comes a stage where it is dangerous. This happens when the numbers without a job and wi prospect of getting one, each uncontrollable proportions. The amount of money being produced by declining sales is no longer sufficient to pay the welfare benefits of those increasing numbers who are no longer employed and the social needs of the victims the system spits out when they are no longer of any use to it. 

        The system is so crazy that to survive, it needs more and more people to buy each year, but fewer and fewer people to make what they buy. It cannot have both, but it requires both. People will be subservient only while they are indoctrinated to believe that the system will provide. When it becomes clear that it will not, people begin to rebel against that system. This rebellion becomes even more powerful as those without work and with no prospect of work see their welfare benefits cut back by politicians overseeing declining industrial sales in the wake of all that I have described. 

         The main waste product of this system is human debris. When you force people to work in a soulless, mindless system, this can have severe mental and emotional effects. Our hearts desire freedom, love and joy. Our inner self wants to be positive, creative, and tap all the endless potential that we all have, and I mean all. But the system demands that we are little more than the extension of technology and expendable whenever technology can be created to replace us. 

         The stress of the system’s demands, the constant competition, the fear, the imprisonment and suppression of the spirit, has become a conveyor belt for mental, emotional, and physical disease. The stress causes imbalances in the mental and emotional energy fields and these are passed on through the physical body. We have more and more illnesses caused by stress and all the pollution and other dangers the system produces in its insatiable desire for expansion at all costs. Is it any wonder that you see defeat in so many faces? The system, science, and religion have combined to make billions tired of living, but scared of dying.

       COVID-19 was a fabricated virus that played a huge part in creating opportunities through a crisis. Had an actual virus been developed and released, the results wouldn’t have been guaranteed to be in their favor. With a made-up virus, they have complete control of it doing whatever they need it to do. It also serves another purpose that takes a little more paying attention to see. 

        Nobody died of COVID-19. Anyone who thinks otherwise should look closer at every death labeled as a COVID death. Any person’s death with this label all had previous underlying medical conditions, which had become fatal due to the mass fear and overwhelming stress caused by a worldwide pandemic and the lockdowns that had shut down the economy, as well as destroyed the livelihoods of many people. But the pressure had already been building way before this pandemic hoax had begun. 

        COVID-19 was a great cover to disguise the rise in mortality rates due to the increase in consumerism, social media, and unemployment rates.