The King of Monopoly (and lies)

        Everyone in the Western world knows Bill Gates, who was the “founder” of Microsoft. But today, Gates has, for some unfathomable reason (other than his vast potential fortune), morphed from being a computer software guru into becoming the world expert on health—all without a single medical qualification to his name. Yes, he calls himself Dr. Bill Gates but has never studied nor practiced medicine. 

        Gates’ Microsoft model for generating extreme profits has become the template for his new and even more profitable scam: the production of mandatory vaccines, which are the alleged cure to his own “prediction” of a worldwide pandemic—all designed to be “the first of many more to come,” as Gates himself openly admitted. 

        The unimaginable profitability of Microsoft was centered upon a monopoly on computer operating systems, the licenses that must be renewed every year; otherwise, all the admin functions of our computers stop working. And then, after a few years, the entire operating systems are upgraded, basically making the predecessors unusable and eventually obsolete, thus requiring the purchase of a new one. That is if we are to prevent our computers from grinding to a sickening halt. Likewise, his patents on the Coronavirus itself and his money-making vaccines allow him to operate a similarly legalized, monopolistic scam. 

          Gates has also used his vast wealth and standing to buy off all the major influencers and world health institutions to facilitate this. I’ve already covered his self-appointed role as Captain Planet in another post, where Gates plans to be our savior from the big, bad climate change—another hoax—so I will not cover that here.

         As for his new scam, for ‘computers,’ think ‘people,’ and for ‘renewable software,’ think ‘renewable vaccines.’ The complicit media are already conditioning us to the effect that the Coronavirus pandemic is simply going to be the first of many more to come. Ask yourself, “how do they know this?” The answer will, of course, be that ‘scientists’ tell us this with a great degree of certainty. 

        Well, maybe these scientists tell us this because they have been told so as well, by certain vested interests who know this to be a fact. After all, it is they who are planning for it to become a reality. It is all so transparent. And then, if so, how convenient is this for Gates? He has the perfect replacement (plus untold billions more besides) for his former Microsoft profits. Firstly he campaigns and pays millions to institutions and influential individuals to get them ‘on the side’ and then comes up with a ‘miracle’ vaccine to stop the non-existent virus in its tracks. 7.7 billion mandatory doses would add up to how much, do you reckon? And then, of course, this is just the beginning. 

        Once we have all been vaccinated for COVID-19, maybe the next time we will have a completely different virus arrive on the scene, which will also need a new, and of course, compulsory vaccine to neutralize it! And on and on this will go, the perfect storm and perfect money-generating machine for Gates. But will he stop there? Oh no, this scam is set to run nonstop. 

        However, many will argue, “is the development of a new vaccine even a good thing!?” I firmly believe not. Vaccines are hyped-up constantly by those to whom we are permanently enthralled and promoted as the ultimate, effective answer to all disease control. But, surprisingly to most, especially those who are taken in by the official narrative of propaganda (and this includes unknowing health professionals at all levels of expertise too), vaccines are NOT what they are widely portrayed and purported to be by those who stand to benefit significantly from them and their apologists in the controlled mainstream media. 

        Indeed, not only have vaccines been proven to be totally ineffective, they are incredibly harmful to all, especially the very young, the very old, and those already suffering from an ailment of some kind. An internet search for the ingredients of vaccines and their many dangers will certainly more than prove this point, despite plenty of disinformation designed to portray precisely the opposite, such as Snopes and other “fact-checkers.” 

        While you’re at it, look up a CIA operation entitled “Project Mockingbird.” This should tell you how these “fact-checkers” actually work.