The Ultimate Fight for Freedom

      Whether you believe it or not, COVID-19 is being used to implement a “global reset,” or in other words, a reengineering of our world and all its inhabitants—excluding the disgustingly wealthy, technocratic elite of globalist psychopaths. Many people refuse to see the truth staring them in the face and light-heartedly repeat the ignorant “if you are not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to fear” statement. This line is, on so many levels, wrong, irrelevant, and misguided in the extreme. 

      Firstly, who decides what is wrong or right? Nobody but yourself; in that, one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. 

      Is it wrong, for example, to peacefully challenge the government if you believe that it is acting illegally or against the best interests of its citizens? 

      Is it wrong to write articles such as this that challenge the status quo and expose what is really happening throughout the world? 

      You may say “Yes,” and you may be right since I don’t have a personal monopoly on the truth, but I do firmly believe that it is everyone’s right to challenge any form of injustice or suppression, as I am attempting to do with this piece. But would our own (or any other) governments agree with any sentiments that challenge its very authority to dictate to its citizens what is and what isn’t acceptable? 

      I highly doubt it. In fact, in the writing of this article, if it happened to go viral, it would probably expose me to covert surveillance, even though I don’t believe I am doing anything wrong. My privacy and freedom are not eligible for trading-off for any conveniences or relaxations in security, no matter if they are deemed “for my own good.” 

      Privacy and freedom are fundamental human rights and not privileges—as they would have us all believe—and are certainly not “currencies” to be used in any kind of bartering situation. Also, do we actually trust any entity that has the power to suppress us if we deviate from their decrees? 

      According to the ignorant quote above, we would have nothing to fear unless we were doing wrong. But, do we trust our governments to make the ultimate decision as to whether we are doing wrong or not? 

      What if they suddenly decided that you or I was doing something wrong when we, by any standards, were not? 

      Do we trust governments to always act in the best interests of their citizens? 

      I think not. 

      That statement is misguided, at best, and deceit of great magnitude, at worst. All governments will do whatever it takes to maintain control and stay in power, without exception. They are far from being the benevolent yet bumbling, monolithic institutions overtly portrayed by the compliant media. 

      Any one of their citizens who is perceived either as an active or passive threat to their supreme power will not be tolerated and will be severely dealt with, either overtly or covertly. This is the embodiment of extreme communism/ socialism (communitarianism/totalitarianism) and is precisely what we have in place today in our grossly misnamed “democratic” societies. 

      Also, if politicians believe that they have the right to impose any ‘law’ they wish, with police and security forces maintaining an attitude of so long as anything is deemed ‘lawful,’ we will enforce it rightly or wrongly, what is there to prevent complete tyranny? 

      Clearly not the consciences of the ‘law-makers’ or their legal enforcers, nor any peaceful petition to the politicians. Politely petitioning or appealing to oppressors to not be oppressive, historically, has a very poor track record of success. 

      When tyrants define what constitutes ‘law,’ then by definition, it is up to the ‘law-breakers’ to combat tyranny, and sometimes the end will justify the means. Those who are proud to be ‘law-abiding’ at any cost to their liberties, however, may not agree and may even decline to think rationally about this, but what is the alternative? 

      If we do not have the right to resist injustice, even if that injustice is officially called ‘the law,’ logically, that implies that we should allow governments to do to us whatever they may choose, as well as to our homes and families. 

      Realistically, there are only two alternatives: either we are slaves, “property” of the elite, the politicians, and their lackeys, with no rights at all, or we are human beings who must exercise our right to resist any government or elitist attempts to oppress us. 

      To the rational mind, there’s only one option, and we must act now. 

To Be Continued…