America’s Technocratic Agenda for the 21st Century

    Opportunity made from crisis. Order out of chaos. Out with the old and in with the new. These are some of the buzz phrases repeated by the media maggots and political puppets to implement an insidious plan disguised as a global reset based on equality and environmentalism. This agenda was initially developed in the early 1930s but was published under a different name—one that better fits the technological age of today. 

Agenda 21 is made up of many national, local, and global implementations that all share common goals, such as the eradication of poverty in third world countries, which the United Nations proposed by taxing the wealthier nations reallocating natural and industrial resources, and the relocation of entire populations. Social, political, and economic changes in traditions and infrastructures will be made on a global scale in order to necessitate the transference of legal authority out of the hands of local and national control, then into the hands of a United Nations-imposed court. In the most simplistic form, Agenda 21 is the end of your Constitutional rights. 

The national, political, and economic implementations of this agenda include total control of all natural resource management, including minerals, water, forest, atmosphere, etc., and regulating health care development and delivery on a global scale, all in the name of equality, while imposing limitations on consumption. The plan also calls for invoking population control and birth control initiatives to ensure a sustainable world population. The movie “Children of Men” is a disturbingly accurate depiction of what this future may hold. 

“The Hunger Games” movies and books accurately portray another world eerily similar to the one entailed within this plan. Farmers and those living in rural areas will be forced into massive cities, known as megaregions, to be packed like sardines with everyone else. In this way, populations will be easier to keep under close surveillance. 

September 11, 2001, had implemented the intrusive Patriot Act, allowing our personal information to be legally shared and kept in the name of fighting “terrorism.” Still, it was the massive hoax known as COVID-19 that had fully brought us into this plan, past the point of no return. It was to disrupt the global economy, impose martial law-type control on the world’s population, and lay the foundation for the coming changes ultimately. Rather than designing a virus to be let loose among the masses, it had to be fabricated in order to have complete control of it. The real killer lies in wait within the vaccines, quickly developed and mass-produced to have a delayed reaction in the body. Recipients of this vaccine will suffer various ailments that, if not fatal, were made to sterilize the remaining population. 

Agenda 21 is the UN’s Sustainable Development plan, or in other words, an ushering in of a technocratic system of economy. It is implementing a one-world government and global authoritarian state under the guise of a system meant to restore hope to a lost and dying economic system. It is being sold to the public to deal with social phenomena that include human actions and anything that directly or indirectly affects human actions. 

Ultimately, it embraces the entire field of science and industry—biology, climate, natural resources, industrial equipment, etc.—as they enter into the social picture under the false label “progressivism,” or technocracy. 

Technocracy is a state that views society and science as two interwoven entities formed into one operation known as social engineering. This operation is a reengineering of the entire social mechanism of producing and distributing goods and services to the populace. Such a state must be run by engineers, technicians, and scientists, who all have dedicated their lives to the religion of Scientism. 

Technocrats believe that every problem in society can be solved with science and technology. Nobody else would be able to devise the answers using the age-old scientific method. They truly believe that they and they alone must be the ones to run society, with an arrogant assumption that the world will gladly bow to them while turning everything they own over to them. 

In contrast to our current economic system, a price-based system of supply and demand that uses money as its accounting system, a technocracy is a resource-based financial system in which all resources for human subsistence are carefully measured and distributed most efficiently to eliminate wastage. Instead of money, digital credits will be issued to citizens who qualify to spend on goods and services priced according to the energy it took to make them. 

In their logic, this would create a Utopia-like society, where people would only work twenty hours a week and yet, still have an abundance of material goods available for consumption. It sounds great at first glance. However, it shares a similar resemblance to a life lived within the prison system. And that’s only if you qualify, meaning, if you do as you’re told, are vaccinated, and obey new oppressive laws. If not, “education camps” have already been established for those who choose to oppose the new system. 

All traditional systems of government will be abolished under Agenda 21, including Congress and state governments, and will be replaced by a continental board of technocrats who will manage all economic and societal affairs according to how they see fit. The educational system is transformed into one of human conditioning to prepare students for a lifetime of work chosen for them by these technocrats. 

The private ownership of any resource will be deemed wasteful and inefficient, so automobiles will become public assets or “ride-shares.” This will be accomplished by instituting a high-speed railway system and what would resemble a natural “drive-it-yourself” system, where vehicles can be rented from a network of garages all over the country. No automobile will be privately owned. 

All of this was the original idea for a technocratic society that was developed and published in 1932. And here we are, nearly a century later, witnessing it all being put into action. 


I think not.