Hopium for the Masses

        After discussing how the homeless in Austin, TX, may be being bribed with new apartments and IDs to be used as political puppets foot soldiers, a close friend had raised the question of what to do about it. The more I thought about it, and if the homeless could be helped, there would still be homeless. The system is designed that way. It thrives on it. To fix the overall problem, not just with the homeless but with everything, it would take the clearing out of the system today to make room for new. 

        I thought it could be done if everyone stopped bickering with each other and realized we all share one thing—one common enemy. Even though it seems that we outnumber the ones running the horrorshow, it may not be that simple.

        I had been thinking in terms of man against man when it is much more than that. The scope of the matter is way beyond my comprehension and has been a cycle occurring beyond anyone’s understanding. It seems that we are f***ed when seeing what we mere humans are up against. 

        This parasitic consciousness that we have been at war with is the actual wizard behind the curtain, using man like the bony skin bags that Darwinian atheists would have us believe is all we are. Whether it be archons, demons, djinn, angels, elementals, shadows, whatever composes this evil vampiric force, has mastered every feat of the human being and manipulated it in every way. 

        Every way that is, except the heart. They are devoid of love, compassion, empathy, and therefore, have no understanding of how to infiltrate and manipulate it from within. They can use external measures to slowly hack at heart until we find ourselves in states of antipathy and ultimately a complete separation from it. This is a long process for them—inconceivable to you and me. But if we’ve been at war for this long, we’ve been doing something right. We’re still here, aren’t we? 

        Love, compassion, and having empathy is our way of fighting, as well as not falling for the dualistic realm they’ve created for us. We need not subscribe to a particular side, which further establishes that conflicting duality of us vs. them. 

        David Icke had said it right, I believe, and Gandhi before him, that non-cooperation is needed.

        On an individual level, having love in your heart is vital, and noncompliance on the collective level. They’ve built a structured hierarchy where we are at the bottom, so they rely on us. Without our compliance, that structure falls. Noncompliance is the start of it, while we learn to love ourselves once again. 

        This dark consciousness is just a mere reflection of the inner psyche of the human collective. Once we learn to love ourselves again, that darkness or shadow disappears. I know it seems rather simplistic, but maybe that’s all it takes. Maybe we shouldn’t be worried about others getting it or not. Perhaps we should focus on loving ourselves and those we encounter who are accepting of our help. I think that’s the way.

         But what do I know? 

         Tell me what you think should be done on the individual level as well as collectively to fix the chaos that resides within both.